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Local Guides Connect App

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Re: Android app for local guides

@DavidT hI.. 

Welcome to Local guides.. 

You can Use on any Browser of your android Device.

Google Chrome is the best for use... 

However U may find a better solution of your question on this conversation

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Re: Local Guides Connect

I think it's phenomenal to do an app. And considering this is Google for God's sake, that should've been already in the plans. I mean Google has an app for **####** near everything else in triplicate. But when they want outside assistance they use the ancient internet browser system. It's a clunky pain in the butt, it doesn't run smoothly at all and an app would allow you to add or remove programs on a much simpler platform.

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Local Guides Connect App

I think the favor that my Google do for Local Guides is developing an application for Android and IOS, to sign in to Local Guides Connect via our phones, it will be so great and easy to use!
Who thinks that will be good?

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Re: Local Guides Connect App

Hey Mohammad,

I do think an app would be very convenient, but I'll have to let you down.

This topic has come up a lot of times before and here's one of the responses a moderator gave



no app available, but site is mobile-responsive


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Re: Local Guides Connect App

Got it!
Thank you so much!

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Re: Local Guides Connect App

No problem, glad to be of service 

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Shouldn't there be a Local Guide Connect App??

Guys I think that there must be a local guide connect app for Android so that every time we will not have to use the browser every time to connect to each other......

This will allow easy access to your local guide connect account....

What are your views regarding this??