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Moah Level 7
Level 7

Integrating Google Maps with Tez App in India

How it would be if Google Maps integrates Tez, the payment app in India based on the UPI(Unified Payment Interface). The merchants or shops that are shown in Google Maps would also contain a field  'Tez:'  if it accepts, it is marked as accepted and if not, it is marked as not accepted.

This would surely help the people who run out of cash to find the shops where they can pay using UPI Ids.

Please reply if you find it useful.

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Google Moderator
Google Moderator

Re: Integrating Google Maps with Tez App in India

Hey @Moah,


I have moved your topic to a more appropriate board - Feedback-and-Feature-Requests.

I am sure that your feedback will be appreciated and the feature will be helpful.






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