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Re: Can you please have one functionality for closure on odd/even weekend closure

Sorry for responding so late @svbhargande, as I was traveling, in my last weekend of vacation.

The point have been raised several time, and a solution is not very easy.

There are a lot of different variables, that have to be considered, that makes very difficult to create a structure to insert the data.

To give you an example, there is a big street market of antiques, in a town close to where i live. The market take place every first Sunday of the month, end during that day also the commercial activities of the area are open (while on the other Sundays they are closed). There are other several possibility (odd/even - only on the day of full moon, only on the third weekend of every month, and so on).

So I want to agree with @JanVanHaver.

The easiest solution is to manage it through Mybusiness, for the business to manage it directly.

We know that governative office are frequently reluctant to do this, but at the moment I dont see any other option. In the future maybe Google maps will develop a page for inserting this king of variables. For sure they will read this, and the other post, about this kind of options, so I don't loose my hope