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Better questions

@Corrie @HelloJess

Sorry fo the tardiness in coming up with this all important questions which need to be asked in the U.S. 

1. Does this restaurant cook with/serve Certified Organic ingredients?

2. Do they offer USDA Certified Organic produce.

3. Is their meat farmed free range and fed with natural GMO free foods?

4. Are the meat grown free of enhancing chemicals?

...and so on.


In the U.S. we need to make a big push for natural organic foods because they are poisoning the public; the majority of whom are too busy struggling for survival or following sports on tv to make better nutrition choices.


Westchester County, NY, United States
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Re: Better questions

Hi @VBenedict Corrie is no longer part of the Local Guides Team. She is working elsewhere within Google.


While it is desirable to consume good foods, most restaurants that specialise in this sort of feature would claim it in the branding, advertising and menus. It might not be clear to Local Guides what those questions meant. There are already questions around "local produce" and "organic produce".


Regards Paul

VBenedict Level 8
Level 8

Re: Better questions


Thank you for acknowledging my request for important questions to ask.


While I very much agree with you about business branding; the idea about emphasizing the use of GMO free, certified organic,  locally farmed produce, and chemical free meat, paultry, and fish has a double purpose. 

i.e., 1. Create public awareness of the need to ask before consuming

2. Let businesses know that we are serious about our health


I have covered several restaurants and local food markets and have not encountered any questions regarding Certified Organicsm etc. Other than alluding to "healthy foods" which as you know triggers a subjective answer.


There! I said my piece 🙃🐘