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A couple suggestions

EdmundasJ Level 7
Level 7

A couple suggestions

Hi! For a couple of months now (since it became possible to do that) I've been working on naming the streets and roads of Lithuania. The more edits I make, the more ideas come up that could improve the experience of people like me.


1. Allow selecting more road segments than currently is allowed. I often have to fill multiple reports of the same problem on the same road (when the road is very long and has many segments). Function to select whole road does not help when only the parts of road have names.


2. Please find a way to show "suggested road names" on the map itself for the user who made those suggestions. When naming the streets of cities, it is often very hard to remember what streets I already reported. It would be extremely helpful if I (only I) could see the street names I reported, so I would not do multiple reports of the same road segment.


3. Not connected with reporting. When I visit this forum I always see "no user" icon where my profile picture should be shown. Here is a photo of how it looks. When I press on that "no photo" icon, I then get connected to my account. 



4. A question. Do my street/road name reports (when they are approved) give me points like other edits? Because it looks to me that they don't. If that's the case, then why? Road names look to me as important as other information about businesses or places.