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We took Connect Live to Tokyo!


Since 2016, Local Guides around the world have joined us in San Francisco for an exciting event filled with inspiring talks and fun activities. During the event, attendees learn tips from Googlers, share their own insights, and get advanced access to new features we’re working on. The event has given us the opportunity to celebrate and connect with our global community in-person.


Local Guides in Tokyo showed so much enthusiasm for Connect Live this year that we decided to surprise them with a pop-up event just for them!


MH3_9833 (1).jpgCaption: A photo of the back view of a man wearing a red and white shirt that says “Connect LIVE TOKYO 2018” printed on it.Earlier this week, more than 80 top contributors joined us at Google Japan for Connect Live Tokyo. We invited Local Guides based on a variety of criteria including level, types of contributions, and activity on Connect.


MH3_9916 (3).jpgCaption: A group photo of Local Guides and Googlers in attendance at Connect Live Tokyo 2018 at the Google office in Tokyo.During the event, these Local Guide superstars made real-life connections with one another. They listened to a panel discussion from Googlers who work on Maps and got answers to their most pressing questions about the LG program. Afterward, they enjoyed a sake tasting, participated in a food photography workshop, and more! Check out more photos from the event here.

This year, we may show up in your city, too. So, stay tuned!

Level 9

Super event @brittym 

@LucioV Rome is much below 


Best place for a great event in Europe in the middle of town! 

And which city is in the center of Europe? 

.... Prague 


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Level 8

So great. Wish it was a public event :D 

Level 8

this is awesome !


looking forward to see similar region based connect live events in future :)

So Nice!!! I would like an event in my city Sao Paulo!!!!

Level 7

Seemed like you guys had a blast! Congratulations!🎉

Hope to have the same event in the Philippines. 🤸‍♂️


Level 8

This is awesome. Would love to see this happening in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and places near this area. You see, there are several people from these countries who got the invitation to attend the past summits and this years Connect Live but couldn't ensure their US-VISA, sadly. This international-political-governmental thing should not keep us away from getting the opportunities to attend these event, right? We deserve this event happening here haha

Meanwhile, there are thousands of regular Local Guides living here too; who contributes on a regular basis on the Google Maps. Therefore, I would humbly suggest to give it a thought.
By the way, I got hope from your last sentence. Hope to see one in my country soon, Bangladesh :D

On a different note, Bangladesh Local Guides Community would be arranging their 100th Meet Up in this year. This would be a great way of celebrating the 100th Meet Up by arranging an event like this one. Please, consider this point @brittym
This would be a really great thing for all the Local Guides from Bangladesh, there are thousands of us here, you know. 

Level 9

Congr8zzz tokyo 🇯🇵

Level 8

@brittym What a great news ! I was surprised to see like this T- shirt about "Connect Live 2018, Tokyo" 

I was in doubt but now i am clear about this ....

Hope like this a pop up event will be held in our country too. We will so thankfull to the tean if our country Local Guides get like this event to make a strong Local Guides unity. Local Guidedes in Bangladesh are so dadicated hope we will deserve it in future @TraciC.

@Kamalhasnainee @ShahMdSultan @Naiem @DieHeart share your opinion here. 

Happy Guidng!

Level 7

wow! Connect Live in Tokyo looks really interesting!

Hope this event can hold in Taipei too. 

Level 5

Nice job 

全然ローカルガイドの会に参加したことがないので近くの方いましたら教えて下さいね 神奈川県藤沢市からです


Level 10

@天使の魔性さんはじめまして、日本のローカルガイドでLINE in 東京に出席した者です。





詳しくはLive in 東京の公式発言をご高覧ください🤳


Level 8

Hey @brittym

We want to this event in Bangladesh. 

Level 9

Agree with u 🇧🇩

This is really awesome event for LG. Thanks for sharing.

but We want same event in our Country [Bangladesh]. Hope you can manage it. 

Level 9


🇯🇵Great event!🇯🇵

I'd love to see a popup event in dhaka, bangladesh.🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩


Level 9


Great event!🇯🇵🇯🇵

Bangladesh is my breath.  Proud be a bangladeshi local guide🇧🇩

For job perpose, now i am in saudi arabia.

I'd also love to see a popup event in Makkah/Jeddah, saudi arabia.🇸🇦🇸🇦

Is it possible?

Level 6

Congratulation for your success event. I hope you will invited me for next destination. I am so curious and want to make new friends.  :)


We want same type of event in Bangladesh 🇧🇩@


Hello Dear @brittym

That is so Great event . Thanks for sharing information.


Please arrange like this event in Bangladesh. 

Great Event !! @brittym Thanks for sharing the information with us.

Hope Local Guides Connect Team would host a similar event in Bangladesh.


Congratulations Tokyo.

A great event. It is necessary to make such in all countries. This is very lacking


We are waiting in Ukraine for the impatience of the arrival of the team Local guides ))

Level 6

WOW!! Great Event @brittym.
I'm eagerly waiting when this event will happen in Bangladesh.

Hi @brittym,

Please arrange a program in Bangladesh. 


Level 7

This is great. Love the initiative. Kindly bring such to Pakistan as well. 

Level 7

What a wonderful initiative @brittym. Please add Dhaka in your bucket list. Here we have a big enthusiastic local guide community

Level 6

Congrats Tokyo! and thanks @brittym's for arranged a marvellous event.
Hope to have the same event in Bangladesh.🇧🇩

Level 6


This is a Great work. 

Please arrange similar event in Bangladesh. 

@brittym thanks for organised such a wonderful event in Tokyo.

Happy to saw the smiling faces of Local Guides Connect Tokyo participants.

I think this type of events will increase Local Guides contributor to contribute more on Goggle Map.

Such type of events can be arranged in Dhaka City Bangladesh also. 

#LetsGuides #BangladeshLocalGuides #BDLG

@brittym This is great and i'd love the same event in my country Bangladesh :)

Level 5

We also want to host Connect Live in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Level 5



That is so awesome . Congratulations Tokyo!


We are all Bangladeshi pleased to invite you to the arrange similar EVENT in Bangladesh to promote the Development and Implementation of Google Local Guides Bangladesh. 

Level 8

We are waiting for similar event in Bangladesh 🇧🇩


Thanks @brittym for sharing this information.

Level 10

So many love calls from Bangladesh!!
I would like to encourage active support from Bangladesh on Google!

Level 5

@YasumiKikuchi Thanks for your support. Love you.

Level 6

@brittym we want an colourful event in Bangladesh

Level 10

Awesome! Come to Cambodia too!

Such a program will be done in Bangladesh... Thanks

Level 8

Thanks for you information.  

Similar event need in Bangladesh.

@brittym I am glad to see the post. I am interested about Connect Live. We Bangladeshi Local Guides are active on guiding and improving map. So, we want Connect Live in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Level 7

Thanks a lot dear @brittym for sharing infomation.


Please arrenge similar event in Bangladesh.



Level 9


Level 7

Wowwww, @brittym such a fantastic day for Tokyo local guides. And congratulation for nice event. I am from Bangladesh local guide and we are all local guides hope local guide team will arrange similar event in our country and Bangladesh local guide will make a remarkable day for local guide history.

Level 6

@brittym Thanks for sharing the news and i would love to see connect live in Bangladesh because in here lots of encouraging local guides are waiting to see it happen. Good luck for connect live in Tokyo  


Our community of passionate contributors are annually so excited for the Local Guides event in San Francisco that we wanted to try out a smaller-scale event in Tokyo. We may show up in other cities around the world, so stay tuned! Thanks to everyone who has submitted positive feedback and suggestions of places for future pop-ups to take place. The best place for such feedback, however, is the newly launched Idea Exchange. There's even an active thread for ideas around events where voting is open! 

Level 9

@brittym Thanks a lot dear for take this initiative. this type program more helpful to promoting country and understand there culture and specific there maps related problem . hope see you sand your team in our country Bangladesh & never make up hopeless . 

for youIMG_20160819_171503.jpgFor you




Level 8

we want next event in Bangladesh. 

we are already complete 94meetup. 

Level 5

Thanks @brittym

Please arrange that kind of event next in Bangladesh at Dhaka.