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We took Connect Live to Tokyo!


Since 2016, Local Guides around the world have joined us in San Francisco for an exciting event filled with inspiring talks and fun activities. During the event, attendees learn tips from Googlers, share their own insights, and get advanced access to new features we’re working on. The event has given us the opportunity to celebrate and connect with our global community in-person.


Local Guides in Tokyo showed so much enthusiasm for Connect Live this year that we decided to surprise them with a pop-up event just for them!


MH3_9833 (1).jpgCaption: A photo of the back view of a man wearing a red and white shirt that says “Connect LIVE TOKYO 2018” printed on it.Earlier this week, more than 80 top contributors joined us at Google Japan for Connect Live Tokyo. We invited Local Guides based on a variety of criteria including level, types of contributions, and activity on Connect.


MH3_9916 (3).jpgCaption: A group photo of Local Guides and Googlers in attendance at Connect Live Tokyo 2018 at the Google office in Tokyo.During the event, these Local Guide superstars made real-life connections with one another. They listened to a panel discussion from Googlers who work on Maps and got answers to their most pressing questions about the LG program. Afterward, they enjoyed a sake tasting, participated in a food photography workshop, and more! Check out more photos from the event here.

This year, we may show up in your city, too. So, stay tuned!




Congratulations Tokyo!


That is so awesome . Thanks for sharing information.


Please arrange similar event in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. 

Level 10

Great event! I'd love to see a popup event in Rome or Milan!

Level 10

Wow such splendor @brittym. Thanks for sharing with us, no doubt the attendees had a great event. I look forward to a similar event in Nigeria like this. I keep my fingers crossed :).

Level 9

Wow....a worldwide Connect 2018 this year! That's a fantastic idea!!



Level 9

That's a great idea. 

Having CONNECT Live in other region. 


We from Indonesia, and specially I am from Jakarta, have lots of Local guide.


Its nice if Google support us for our meet up and activities. 


Indonesia Local Guide just have National Meet Up in August 2018, it was a big event, 3 days and 2 night







Connect Moderator

Aw @brittym, this is super awesome. I can feel how the great vibes of the meet up! Need an advice city to go? Jakarta please! :)


Thanks @Ddimitra for tagging me :)

Level 8

very nice from google @brittym :)

hope to make one in Dubai office so we can join in middle east :))))

@MuhannadK @Carl :)

Level 10

@brittym this a nice surprise. What a good idea to get LGs together. We are looking forward to Connect Live Nigeria!

If it is possible for all active countries, it would be a fantastic development alternative make it a continental event.

Level 8

Wow great idea @brittym. Thanks for sharing with us, I look forward to a similar event in Bangladesh like this.

This is awesome @brittym, the Japanese local guides community especially the Tokyo local guides are very passionate about maps,  they truly deserved having connect live in Tokyo!


We have a very active Local guides community in Hyderabad, india and had the video team shoot a few videos with us on our city's food, culture, shopping etc.


Hope to have connect live in Hyderabad or at least one for Indian Local guides community :) @TraciC

Level 8

Wow it was such a nice job done by google maps .

Hope to catch on NEPAL too ✌✌

Level 10

I saw a photo tweeted by a Local Guide as it was starting and I was so confused as I hadn't seen anything here about it, but this is really cool! l hope there is a Connect Live in Buenos Aires someday ☺️

Thanks for sharing, @brittym!

Level 8

This is so cool! I see you here, @TsukuruTamaki-san! 


@brittym please bring the same event here in the Philippines :)

Connect Moderator

Es tan lindo ver que Connect Live se está expandiendo a otros lugares tan importante como es el caso de Japon y ver que llevan esa alegría y c no icikienti a otros lugares del globo, felici acciones @brittym y gracias por compartir esto 



 Saludos Farid



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@brittym , This is really great and i'd love if same happens in my city Indore, India :)

Level 9

@brittym This is great. This is something we were looking for... Hope you would host a similar event in Colombo 

Level 8

It's really great idea to let people know directly in the city about the new event brand name, Connect Live 2018 😍👏. Hope to have it in my city, Phnom Penh, too 😀🙏.

Level 8

Wow such an amazing event! 

Hope to see something like this here in souSo America! Please consider coming to Rio de la plata! ;)

Level 10

Unity is strength, google really working on connecting people.


I love the event and their enthusiasm. Greetings to all the participants and event managers, googlers.


Hope to see many such events around the globe.


Thanks dear @brittym

Connect Moderator

@brittym The perfect way forward, so we can involve more local Local Guides around the region, above just the central annual Connect Live summit, so regional members don't feel left out. Absolutely great to see this. Hope to see more events like this in the near future.

Connect Moderator

Awesome to see a local pop up event @brittym I bet this caught them by surprise and looks like plenty of smiles in thanks among all those Local Guides. Great idea. 

Level 10

Hi, @brittym

It's a surprise news for all of us glad to hear about Toko event and congrats all local guide from Toko for this celebration. 🎈🎉🎈🎉🎈

We hope this will be unstoppable and soon reach to us. 

Happy celebration 

Level 9



We can do expect SF connect live also to be live 

Level 8

Thanks so much for sharing with all @brittym

That's wonderful news and I know that everyone will be excited & expecting to hear about a LG Connect live in their own country.

Honestly I'm really happy and want same thing in India.

Hopefully Google Maps Team is really planning for the same.


Level 9

Hello @brittym

Sounds great, hope it was a event, Thank you for sharing

Level 8

This is indeed a beautiful surprise.. Wonderful photos. Expecting a similar surprise in India too. :) Thanks to Local Guides Team for their efforts behind this. And best wishes to Tokyo Local Guides. 

Level 8

That's great @brittym


Looking forward for the surprise in another city. 


I remember last year Local Guides hosted an event in Cape Town. 



Amazing job Britty & Team!! 

Level 10

Wow! Great event in Tokyo @brittym thanks for sharing with us.

Level 8

Congratulations Japan!!

Tokyo was very lucky with this  pop-up even 😊.

Great event @brittym 

Please arrange that kind of event in India

Level 7

Such a great idea, and I love those Connect t-shirts!

Level 10

Hey @brittym


Its really a wonderful initiative. Waiting for a Connect Live in India or in any country of Asia.  

Level 7

It's awesome. I wish to grow a local community in my country bigger than Japanese's.

Level 9

That's really awesome. Thanks for sharing with us @brittym

We hope Local guides team arrange similar event in India. 

Level 8

This is so amazing! Imagine the excitement of all the invitees! The photos are so fun and I love the props!

Congrats to all the attendees :)


Level 8

@brittym This is great I always wondered if something would arise in Perth Western Australia.

Level 10

Wowww , thank you Google for this nice surprise .

@brittym your post is great

Level 9

excellent . they are so lucky attend before main one . @brittym any plan arrange this type event any other county ?? 


Congrats Tokyo! I couldn't attend this time, but I hope to go there next time! :-)

Level 7

Hi @brittym @brittym this is a great event and a big meetup in Tokyo.


Thank sharing with us.

Thanks for sharing the news! We really enjoyed the event.

My great thanks to Google Japan & the fellow really made my day!  Let's keep in touch.

Connect Moderator

It is great to see local Google Hosted Events are backed!


It can never to overstated how those local Google Hosted will energise the local LGs community.

Level 10

Hello everyone!
I am one of the participants in LIVE in Tokyo.
It was a very fun party!!


I review the contents of the party and valuable announcement in two articles. Please see with automatic translation function!
[RECAP] Connect LIVE in Tokyo 2018

The Japanese reviewer culture is the world's best!? LIVE in Tokyo official remarks

Level 9

Organise one pop-up event in India too , @brittym

Level 10

Hi, @YasumiKikuchi

Congrats it's a surprise for you

Level 10

Hi @Irfansalamat

Thank you for your reply!
I got valuable information so I want to share it with you!

Level 9

Super event @brittym 

@LucioV Rome is much below 


Best place for a great event in Europe in the middle of town! 

And which city is in the center of Europe? 

.... Prague