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We brought Connect Live to Abuja!


Last week, we brought Connect Live to Abuja, hosting 100 Local Guides for our third regional pop-up event. Local Guides in Abuja are dedicated to mapping their communities, by adding roads, places, and businesses to ensure accurate information for tourists and locals alike. Guests gathered at the Barcelona Hotel for an evening of learning, connection, and fun!


MHO_2825.jpgCaption: A photo of Local Guides sitting in the audience at Connect Live Abuja 2018 as Google Product Marketing Manager, Emmanuel “Biggy” Abiodun speaks on stage.Connect Live Abuja kicked off with a presentation jam-packed with excitement. Google Product Marketing Manager Emmanuel “Biggy” Abiodun discussed the different ways to contribute content on Google Maps and the impact Local Guide contributions have on making the community a better, safer place. Community Program Manager Traci Cappiello (@TraciChosted an interview with Emeka Ulor (@EmekaHouse) who shared his experiences as a Level 9 Local Guide in Lagos. Emeka discussed his passion for accessibility and his efforts hosting over 38 meet-ups across three different continentsNorth America, Asia, and Africa.

MHO_2975.jpgCaption: A photo of Traci Cappiello, the Local Guides Community Program Manager, interviewing Local Guide @EmekaHouse on stage at Connect Live Abuja 2018.
Local food blogger and influencer Atim Ukoh took the stage to provide tips and tricks for capturing amazing food photos. Lastly, Babatunde Olaifa, who leads Business Development for the region, demonstrated how to take 360 degree photos and make quality contributions using the Street View app.  


MHO_3282.jpgCaption: A photo of two Local Guides posing for the camera as they eat and drink at Connect Live Abuja 2018.

After the presentations, the party continued with an array of activities, photo ops, and traditional Nigerian food and drink. Local Guides participated in a mobile photography workshop hosted by Atim Ukoh for an opportunity to practice the pointers she shared on stage. Additionally, Local Guides were able to showcase their high quality contributions by adding new photos, reviews, and edits of their favorite destinations in Abuja to earn their very own set of official Local Guides collector’s pins.  

MHO_3307.jpgCaption: A photo of Local Guide Samuel Egomhan holding up a set of Local Guides collector’s pins attached to a lanyard that’s around his neck at Connect Live Abuja 2018.Guests enjoyed posing and smiling for the camera with our Mirror & GIF photo booths. (We love seeing these photos and videos pop up on social media!) They also went home with a bag of delicious, sweet treats from our Candy Buffet!


MHO_3264.jpgCaption: A photo of a Local Guide flexing his biceps while posing for the camera in front of a Mirror photo booth at Connect Live Abuja 2018. A countdown timer showing the number “2” is illuminated in green on the framed mirror.Connect Live Abuja helped Local Guides learn a few new Google Maps skills and celebrated the contributions of a wonderful and engaged community! To see photos from the event, check out our Google Photos album here.

Abuja, Nigeria



Thanks for sharing information.


That is so awesome. Congratulations Abuja.


Please conduct the same at Riyadh Saudi Arabia. Waiting for connect live.

Google Administrator

This was such a great event and Abuja (and Lagos) Local Guides are awesome. Everyone was so friendly and excited to connect with one another, us Googlers and to talk about making Google Maps better for everyone. I enjoyed my visit! 

Level 8

Hi friends!


Very beautiful people and event. :)


Thanks for share. :)


Best regards from BR!

Google Photos Album is superb @TraciC 


Hope I will be in next summit. 

Level 10

Such a great event! I've followed through my friends live feeds on social networks  @SanyaOdare @HelloSamsonR @EmekaHouse!

Really a great work for you and @TraciC!

Hope to see you soon in Italy too!

I think those people enjoyed. When is for India 

Level 10

It seems like it was a very successful event, congrats to the organizers!

By looking at the photos here and the ones the attendees posted on social media I can tell that everyone had a lot of fun. I hope that Connect Live is brought to Buenos Aires someday too.

Thank you for sharing, @cbos-NYC!

Level 10
Wow, wonderful. That is so awesome. Congratulations Abuja and Nigeria. @cbos-NYC Thanks for sharing this great recap.
Level 5

Go good. .. 


Level 10
I hope, this type of connect live events will be hosted in mumbai also. @cbos-NYC @TraciC
Level 8

This has been of course a great opportunity for Nigerian and other local guides. I am really amazed to read these posts about three consecutive regional pop up events in Tokyo, Lima and Abuja. I believe you guys had a great event.     

Level 10

Nice @cbos-NYC

This is pleasant to see amazing Local Guides have this opportunity to meet Googlers.

I'm curious to know is this possible to bring Connect Live to Iran one day? We in Iran Local Guides community can host you well and can prepare what is needed for a Connect Live. I don't think traveling Googlers to Iran be impossible because I saw some Googlers attended in some conferences in Iran in recent years.
This will be our pleasure if you contact us for organizing an event in Iran.

Level 8

Nice connect live in Abuja thank you @cbos-NYC sharing with us... Wonderful event @TraciC we are expecting more events all over the world...

It was truly an amazing experience. So glad to have connected with so many local guides in person. Tracy was so awesome! Thank you for bringing connect live to Abuja! Adupe!

Level 9

What short and nice recap of Abuja connect.

Thanks @cbos-NYC for sharing with us.


Hope to get my pins send to me soon 🤗


Kind regards



Level 10

Thanks to the team for making it happen in Nigeria, we sincerely appreciate and enjoyed every monent of the event. @cbos-NYC @TraciC @Tiffany You guys did a good job to connect live. We send out warm love and greetings to you all

Level 10

Thank you @cbos-NYC! It was such a great pleasure having you, @TraciC and @TiffanyH in Abuja. Like Oliver Twist that I am, I look forward to having you in Lagos for another Connect Live as well.

Level 6
Thanks for sharing. Wish I was able to attend. 
Level 7
Thanks for sharing, event information very helpful for every LG.
Level 7

WoW, by looking photos here and  posted on social media, I think there had a lot of fun. I wish I hope to  attend a Connect live one. @cbos-NYC Thanks for sharing with us 

Level 8

So glad to see these regional meetups and love how Google is appreciating the hard working local guides like @EmekaHouse 

Level 8

Wow. It's a great opportunity for people who cant attend connect live 2018.

Level 8

wonderful amazing connect live Abuja @cbos-NYC ,

i like all the photos , 

and of course our great @TraciC u looks amazing :D

waiting u in middle east :D



Level 8

someone added photos not for the connect live Abuja 

Level 7

Great, looking forward to seeing you in Jordan .😎💙

Level 10
Cpngratulation to all my friends from Abuja & nigeria @Sagir @SanyaOdare @HelloSamsonR @EmekaHouse @NkennaA @U-royFelixA I am also excited to know about your experiences of this Abuja Connect Live.........

hii friends...

beautiful local guides and such a great event.

Thanks for sharing information.


That is so awesome. Congratulations Abuja.


Please conduct the same IN INDIA. Waiting for connect live.



Level 9

Kudos to the event team and all participants! I love that these regional events are happening and providing an opportunity for many to connect and learn. Proud of you brother, @EmekaHouse! Very active and inspirational community in Lagos/Abuja. Great photos as well!


@TraciC @cbos-NYC p.s. may want to edit the album settings - seems some other photos are making their way in.

Level 1

Wawoo, exciting


Linking people with places

Level 8

Wow! Very wonderful. I know Lg learned important tips from Googlers. Nice to have you guys in Abuja.

Level 7


what a great recap.

We are always happy to have you guys around.

We hope to see you again in other popular cities in Nigeria like Lagos, Kano, and Port-Harcourt

Level 10

Thank you @cbos-NYC for the nice write-up which captured the wonderful event in Abuja. Our sincere appreciation to the entire Local Guides team for making this happen. All of you made this a historic event and already Abuja community is buzzing. 

@TraciC and @TiffanyH and yourself brought so much energy to our community. Thank you!Screenshot_20181120-212004.jpgCaption: Emeka Ulor and Googlers including Traci, Christine and Tiffany in Abuja, Nigeria




Level 10

@SP31 thank you bro for the commendation. I am humbled. How s Miami?


Level 7

Wonderful event. 

Level 9

@EmekaHouse all's well - thanks for asking! Beyond happy to have seen the recap of all the events in your part of the World!

Level 4

Formidable, je suis impressionné par le lien que @cbos-NYC a créé à Abuja!

Je vais travailler pour que vous venez faire un tel évènement chez nous à Koudougou au Burkina Faso.

D'avance à nous revoir!


Connect Moderator

Es increible poder ver como el consepto Connect Live se esta pudiendo llevar a lugares regionales @cbos-NYC, me pone tan feliz de ver esto y por sobre todas las cosas que la diversion, aprendizaje y camaraderia de San Francisco la principal reunión de Local Guides del mundo entero se pudo extrapolar, guardando las diferencias de uno y otro.


Es digno de mencion el gran trabajo de todo el equipo de Connect en sus distintos estamenos y su cara visible para todos nosotros, en @TraciC, con sus viajes y su buena onda en todo lo que realiza, mis felicitaciones y aplausos por el gran trabajo.


Un comentario al margen jejeje, reconozco que despues conocer a los representantes de Nigeria en el CL18, excelentes todos y muy alegres, y este CL Abuja 18 hoy Nigeria figura entre mis lugares que deseo viajar. 



Level 8

I could imagine how wonderful an experience it must have been for all the participants. 

Thanks "google"for bringing connect live to Abuja, Nigeria.

Looking forward to when connect would come up live in Lagos, the business hub of Nigeria ; the centre of excellence.


Thanks for the recap @cbos-NYC

Level 6

Abuja Connect live.

Thank you so much for this fun fill event, had a great time.

Level 8
Such as another inspiration for Local Guides Community @cbos-NYC@
Thanks @TraciC & Local Guides team for extended this kinds of Pop up event for dedicated Local Guides worldwide...
Happy Guiding !   
Level 8

Formidable !!!


Très inspirant de voir de tels événements un peu partout dans le monde.  Félicitations aux organisateurs, aux Googlers et Google.


Yes, It was amazing to meet @TraciC @EmekaHouse @HelloSamsonR @SanyaOdare @Zainabzy_ @ajahdavid Emmanuel “Biggy” Abiodun and other beautiful people. Made new friends that share same passion and learnt few new tips, had amazing food and drinks as well as earned pins. Also great thanks to @U-royFelixA for his constant check up and support.

Enjoy few pictures from my collection. More pictures can be perused from the Google Nigeria Local Guide Facebook group page: Link to the FaceBook group



Thank you for sharing this @cbos-NYC and @TraciC

Congrats @SanyaOdare @EmekaHouse @HelloSamsonR!!! :-)

You are an amazing team!

Level 7

Awesome event.

Level 7

Terima kasih sudah berbagi cerita kepada kami.suasana yang asik

Level 8

@EmekaHouse Always a proud friend. 

@cbos-NYC Great event thanks for sharing. 

Level 8

So nice to see these regional events pop up and more people getting to attend these event. Great going @TraciC.

Level 7

Muchas gracias, quisiera saber cuándo vendrán a Honduras? 

Great, Congratulations And Thanks For Sharing😊😊

Connect Moderator

Another amazing event by Google Local Guides. The badges are amazing! Wish I was there also meeting all fellow Local Guides.