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Watch Local Guides visit Google during Connect Live 2018


christinadomingues-DSC09656.jpgCaption: A group photo of Local Guides and Googlers at Connect Live 2018.

151 top Local Guides from 59 countries attended Connect Live 2018 to connect with each other and share their feedback with Google. The group included professors, marketing experts, parents, accessibility champions, LGBTQ allies, and more. Together, they shared their ideas, attended talks given by Googlers about upcoming product features, and learned some tips for sharing even better contributions on Google Maps.


Watch the video below to see what happened when they gathered in San Francisco and visited Google's Mountain View campus for Connect Live 2018.



Look out for a recap of the event from @TraciC coming soon. Until then, check out posts attendees have shared on Connect and on social media using #localguidesconnect. Thank you all for following along!

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Really wish I could have been selected but can not wait to see more of what happened.



@brittym Thanks for sharing video.


Thats so awesome. I missed this time. Hope next year I will be in San Francisco.



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Thank you Google , thank LG Team , thank you Local guides from all around the world

amaaaaazing photo & amaazing video @brittym :)))

we will make next year together @davidcox :))))

keep it up 

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Namskar.. @brittym


Thanks for Sharing your Experience through this Post..

We Non Selected LGs visit Connect Live California through you Googlers All Mediator and 151 Selected Local Guides Experience which You Sharing with Connect and Us


Regards From Mumbai

Level 10

Wow! Awesome post @brittym thanks for sharing video during connect live 2018.

Connect Moderator

Just awesome! This was such a great time!

Level 8

Hi @brittym..

The days at Connect Live week was indeed one of the best, happiest and memorable days of my life. The event was filled with so many excitements and surprises. One of the things which makes me happy everytime is that Connect Live made me meet those wonderful friends which it gave me here at Connect. I feel so much proud on thinking that I was one of those to attend it. Everything at Connect Live was learning and fun. My heartfelt thanks to the Google Local Guides Team for organising such a wonderful event for us. Thank you so much! :)


@SalmaanN So great to hear, Salmaan! I'm truly touched by your comments.

 Fantastic video than you for sharing...Great work

Level 8

@brittym Thanks for share this ! No doubt it is a best Video ever for Local Guides meeting ! Connect Live 2018 is the best summit in the world.

Happy Guiding !!

Ooh.. this is like a teaser to the recap post! Thanks for the excellent video @brittym and it was so nice to meet you in person! So glad to be part of this amazing event yet again! And for everyone who missed out, never give up! You've got six months or so to work towards a spot! Just be mindful that it's not all about the points; have the right attitude, be passionate about what you do and stay active on Connect! :)

Level 8

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be part of this year's Connect Live! 

It was an awesome learning experience and I can't wait to apply what I have learned!

Connect Moderator

Fabulous event. Glad to be part of it. Thanks to all the Google managers, moderators, friends and everyone else who has made this a incredible success. Hope to see everyone there next year.


@AdrianLunsong I couldn't agree more. Michael Jordan once said, "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." 


It was great to meet you. I'm still laughing at you shivering in the SF cold 😁 Looks like the average temp in Manchester this month is 48-56ºF (11 C). Thanks so much for taking the lead on organizing the group's external matters, participating in the book club, following along on the boards so wonderfully, and taking such ❤️-worthy group pics! You are awesome!

Level 8

Thank you @brittym for this post.  We will watch for the recap.

Level 9

:') such a wonderful, beautiful time. I'm sure I speak for all other 150 attendees when I say your team TRULY knocked it out of the park and provided quite the opportunity for us filled with learning, connecting, and all the surprises that were teased before we all arrived in SF. It was a pleasure meeting you @brittym and so many other new and old faces and sharing in so many common interests, including of course, Local Guides. 


To Google, the Local Guides program, and the Google Maps team - THANK YOU SO MUCH!


@SP31 You kept the energy level through the roof! We're grateful to have hosted you in San Francisco and hope the journey back to sunny south Florida was enjoyable.

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I like very much. 
Level 10

Great video @brittym and @TraciC, thanks, it's like being there :)

Hope to meet all of you once in my life :)

Level 10

Thank alot @brittym ,  I love to see all of the activities done by my fellow local guides there. I couldn't attend that great event this year because of visa issues, but believe me I enjoyed each and everything virtually. 

Level 5

Que emocion, realmente me parece increible que una actividad tan sencilla como compartir con el mundo la experiencia de estar en diferentes situaciones, me refiero a experiencia culinaria, atencion, diversion y demas sitios de interes, puedas llegar a vivir una experiencia como la organizaron para todos los Local Guides. Creo que es Genial. Ojala el siguiente pueda formar parte de este gran equipo.@brittym 

Level 10

Cảm ơn @brittym đã chia sẻ video tuyệt vời, rất tiếc là Việt Nam chúng tôi không có đại diện nào tham gia trực tiếp hội nghị này, vì thế hình ảnh bạn chia sẻ là vô cùng quý giá.

Connect Moderator

Poder asistir al encuentro de todos los Local Guides fue lo máximo, creo que nunca en mis sueños pensé que sería  tan bueno, poder hablar con muchos que están en las antípodas de donde vivo, es realmente loco, pero una de las cosas que me pareció increíble es poder charlar con Nurseit de Kazajistán 🇰🇿 eso me pareció tan sorprendente, y  tantos otros de países creo que nunca visitaré y que en un solo momento gracias al gran trabajo de organización de @brittym, y toda la gente de Google que lo hicieron posible, solamente gracias. Estos encuentros consolidan las amistades y vuelven más fuertes los lazos de amistad que ya tenia con varios, y crea nuevos. En todo momento me sentí muy bien, contento, alegre, jajaja los adjetivos se me acaban para describir lo feliz que fue estar allí, desayunar a la mañana con todos, conocerlos un poco más compartir vivencias, me viene a la memoria la noche que salimos con algunos al karaoke, fue espectacular lo maximo fue cuando todos vailabamos y cantabamos el Waka waka, el climax estaba en lo más alto, todos de diferentes países y continentes jajajaj, 






Level 10

I still cannot comprehend the size of my joy. I just hope I can give my testimony with the right words. Each day, I try to count my blessings for the singular opportunity, for the support and experience leading to Connect Live!

My joy knows no bounds. From awesome @KarenVChin to the smiling @brittym and the energetic @TraciC , you guys have touched my soul.


Everything went perfectly well, and how can  I forget the connect friends I met physically  and new buddies bonded? 


Yea, I broke down in tears severally with a heart filled with joy and I kept saying to myself "what a wonderful world"


Sorry, I can't write more....


Thank you everyone! 





Level 10

It was the participation of a Local Guide with too different too diverse.
But there were no distinctions, no discrimination, no factions!
On the contrary, we really enjoyed the "difference"!
Please watch the video, do you need any more words? 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👨‍👧👨‍👨‍👦‍👦👩‍👩‍👧👨‍👨‍👦

We appreciate this advanced thought to all invitees, all teams and Googler🙏

It's so nice video!

Thank you, Local Guides Team!:)

@brittym and @davidcox This looks so amazing.  I wish I could have been there, too.

Connect Moderator

It was so exciting to be part of Connect Live, @brittym

I am watching a sunset in California in this very moment, and it is hard for me to think that I will have to move back to home on a couple of days, even if I miss my wife very much.

I am enjoying taking 360. :-)

Connect Moderator

Connect is my major take away.


On Connect, on Social Networks, Real live meet-ups, build a link to your local community.  Make an impact.


Connect Live allowed us 151 attendees to bond together.  This bond will keep us Connected no matter where we are.


Thank you very much for everyone!

Level 1

Bài viết rất hay và hữu ích

Level 9

 Yet again a beautiful event. Love to go through all my social channels & feels the excitment which my fellow lg's have shared along this journey :)
Thanks for sharing this wonderful post with us @brittym


Level 8

Awesome video! Kudos to the Video Team! Thank you @brittym@TraciC and the whole Local Guides Team for organizing this event. I agree with @SalmaanN, one of the happiest days of our lives! Keep on rocking #localguidesconnect

Level 7

I been taking photos with my professional camera for over 5 years already. After sharing my photos on google map I was really amazed of how I get notification from google of how many people view my photos. Now over 5 years my photos were 1 million times. I really amaze. I want to move do something me different and get involved in the 360 views.  I want to do more to grow google maps. I would like to be selected but need to find out how. I'll keep doing what I'm doing to help google map for the best place to look for locations with photos, 360, video, etc.


thank you

Level 10

Nice sharing, love to be there one day, Soooon ☺️

Level 6

Really I miss it ohhhhh,

Ok next time 

Hipp hipp hurrrahhhhhhhhh😊

Level 10

Hi @brittym thanks for sharing with us great moment live connect 2018

This is so amazing celebration and congrates all local Thanks Google for arranging a successfull event.

There is much fun learning and experiencce to meet other local guides connect moderator and modrator.

love this fun and hope to be part of tihs great community

Level 9

@brittym thanks SO much :') that truly means a lot to me. Journey back was definitely bittersweet, but I'm back as energized and inspired as ever and wanting to contribute in familiar and many new ways. Forever thankful for you all.

Awesome @brittym. Happy to see fellow Local Guides attending Connect Live 2018. Hope to meet all of you in near future.

The video is great, thanks to Molly and her team. 

Level 4
waw sungguh keren, semoga dapat bermanfaat untuk banyak orang
Level 7

This is great thanks for sharing with us @brittym

Great To Have These Moving Photos....Expecting For More Captures.

Level 6

I'm intreinter this meetings 😍 @brittym

Level 6

Awesome post. Thanks for sharing video during connect live 2018.

Level 3

I dedicate my spare time to contribute more to Google Map so that next year I will be among the chosen ones. 

Level 7

Thats awsome!!! I can really see my country flag #Bangladesh. But, wish i could be there!!!!!

Happy to see you all top Local Guides together at San Francisco, Congratulations for you all and best wishes

Level 9

Thanks @brittym !

What a wonderful day! Awesome friends ! Having then had the opportunity to compare with Googler was a fantastic experience! Thanks again for all these beautiful memories !!



Level 10

@brittym this is an awesome video.. great to see LG's celebrate in SF.

Thank you Google Local Guides