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Thank you for adding thousands of #LooReviews for Swachh Bharat!



Loo_review_impact-Connect.gifCaption: An orange and white gif displaying the number 6,252 and an illustration of a toilet.In honor of Gandhi’s birthday on October 2, we teamed up with Prime Minister Modi's Swachh Bharat Mission to start a #LooReview movement. The goal? Add reviews of public toilets on Google Maps to raise awareness and help people find clean, working facilities across India.


Because of Local Guides like you, we’ve added over 6,000 toilet reviews across India in just one month (that’s over 1,000 reviews a week!). Thank you for joining forces for this powerful cause.


We were especially excited to see Local Guides organize meet-ups to help add public toilet information on Google Maps. Check out some of these #LooReview meet-up recaps to see how people are coming together to support Swachh Bharat.


Shrut19-SwachhBharat.jpgCaption: A photo of Local Guide @Shrut19 taking a picture of the outside of a public toilet in Mumbai, India.@Nand_Kishore posted about a Local Guides meet-up in Mumbai and Pune organized by @NareshDarji. The group made over 200 contributions in just one meet-up!


Tejal-SwachhBharat.jpgCaption: A photo of Local Guide @Tejal taking a photo of the exterior of a public toilet in Valsad, India.Local Guide @Tejal put together a lovely slideshow video of all the photos from the #LooReview meet-up she attended in Valsad. They made a very cool banner too!


PriyankaU-SwachhBharat.jpgCaption: A photo of Local Guide @PriyankaU posing in front of a concrete wall outside.A special shoutout goes to @PriyankaU, who organized her first meet-up and mapped 10 public toilets on her own—we appreciate you!


Do you have a #LooReview meet-up or recap to share? Leave links to your #LooReview meet-ups and recaps in the comments below!

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Équipe merveilleuse et charmante

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Thank you @TiffanyL99, for appreciating our work.. we are really grateful to you... 


We have promised to continue mapping the public toilets, wherever we visit... 

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c'est très utile

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me falta una  camara para capturar alturas

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Thank you so much For Appreciating

Our Mumbais Contribution in  #LooReview

@Nand_Kishore posted about a Local Guides meet-up in Mumbai and Pune  Organized by   @NareshDarji


@NareshDarji  & @Nand_Kishore  Thank you so Much Bhai..


Also Thankyou to 



With U all..

Our Mumbai Team Promise to Continue  #LooReview movement.


Regards From Mumbai..

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This is a great way to contribute to community development. Local Guides have continued to become partners in progress.


Congratulations India Local Guides for such achievement. 

Keep the #LooReview going

@PriyankaU proud of you and others 

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@TiffanyL99 Thank you and congratulations to all the local guides of India who took part in it. The spirit to make India a better place runs common to all of us.

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@TiffanyL99 nice article. Thanks for sharing. @PriyankaU@Shrut19@NareshDarji@Nand_Kishore@Tejal congratulations to all of you. Keep it up

@TiffanyL99 I Done Six #LooReview For My Town In Near Locality. Updated Photo On Place Of SBM Toilets On Google Maps But My Some Photos Of Sink, Basin Are Not Reflecting There. Only Showing In Photo Section Of My Contribution. Please Suggest, Are Such Photos Not Allowed.

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@TiffanyL99 Very responsive one ! I love this thought by our Local Guides team..

Happy Guiding !!

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Thank you @PriyankaU@NareshDarji  @Nand_Kishore  u make all us proud regarding Swatch Bharat .....



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A wonderful contribution @PriyankaU

I learned from Gandhi's teachings and volunteered to clean the public toilets in the past. I think that the job that everyone dislikes is the noblest!

Thank you for picking up @TiffanyL99. I want to check the public toilet.

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Such a helpful movement by LGs to boost peoples' environment in India

LGs always make world better and better~!!

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Please Can you explain for me #looreview concept?

@Abdoul-kader please watch this video about the LooReview. Basically it trate about where  the public clean toilets are and how local guides can ubicate them and them in maps, so people can find them.

@PriyankaU is a local guide who has been doing this great task very well in her locality.



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Namskar.. @TPattanaik ji


Thank you ..

Очень полезное дело!Поддерживаю!😊👌

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Hi @TiffanyL99.

Thanks for sharing this great post with us. This  is really an amazing contributions. Thanks to my fellow Local Guides from India for their efforts in mapping and reviewing public toilets. I too started mapping public toilets in India. Also, planning to conduct meetup on Mapping Public Toilets soon. Thanks again for all of your efforts dear @NareshDarji, @PriyankaU, @Nand_Kishore, @Shrut19 and others.

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thank you ...terima kasih ...

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 Thanks @TiffanyL99 for Sharing with us. Great post !



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thank you @NirmalTeja, @TPattanaik & @SalmaanN for appreciating our effort.
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Thanks @BeatrizAguilaBeatrizAguilar

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Thanks @BeatrizAguilar....😄
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Thank you @SalmaanN bhai

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Thank you @TiffanyL99 for appreciate our work! We are now still working to add more pictures and reviews on Google maps. I will share complete recap post soon. 

Here is our meetup photos album.

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@TEJASJANI @PriyankaU @Nand_Kishore @rajuroyal @tejal @Ashokvaghela @Shrut19

Thank you so much your great support for making successful our Swachh Bharat mission. 

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Yes @NareshDarji bhaiiii.. eagerly waiting for the final recap post...

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Thank you @TiffanyL99, for appreciating our work.. I am really grateful to you.


We shall continue to do such philantropic work. 


Thanks all for your support.





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 Grt work proude to this lady power congrats to Tejal ,priyanka ,Shruti

Thanks all for your support

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Good day for india

Great work

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@TiffanyL99 Thanks for sharing nice post. 

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A very useful project! Who knows how many people you have saved from deseases so far? Maybe more than some medical doctors.

Even Bill Gates is into this matter as I have read today, just google (What else ? ;-) ) "Reinvented Toilet Expo" and "Bill Gates". Maybe even MS and Google could team up on this global issue ;-))) 

Amazing how small things can make a big difference!

I think you well deserved your appreciation and I wish you all the best for this one and maybe future projects !


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Namskar U All ..


Thanks For Ur Comments..

Its Encourage to Us




Regards From Mumbai..

Whenever I visit a new place or tourist spot I never hesitated to snap a photo of public toilets. On arrival at a station in the middle of our travel or at destination one needs a toilet even before settling in a hotel room.

Out of my own experience in order to guide the travelers or tourists I upload such photographs more needed for anyone 

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Wow que buen ojalá que aid hubiera más personas ayudar y tener buenas intenciones hacia otras personas 

 Clean india and green india

All india people is join swachbharat units.

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Namskar.. @Dhanasekaran_Muthu

Yes Sir U r Right..

I totally agree with you..

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that's good for community @TiffanyL99

Thank you for sharing with us.

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What a great idea @TiffanyL99! This could really work!

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स्वच्छ भारत


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Thank you @TiffanyL99

I don't have any #LooReview meet-up or Recap but I have posted some contribution on #LooReview  & will be posting in the feature.

Thanks & Regards 

Arjhn mentic


গান্ধী।  ৷৷৷ ৷ ৷৷৷৷ ৷৷৷৷৷৷  ৷   ৷ ৷৷  

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Super proud of you @PriyankaU 

Thanks and congratulations all India Local Guides for such great work you are doing.

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very good