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Support India’s Swachh Bharat Mission with a #LooReview 🚽


LooReview-Connect.jpgCaption: A photo of the back view of a woman in India taking a photo of the outside of a public toilet using her phone.As Local Guides, we’re passionate about helping others in our communities. So Google teamed up with Prime Minister Modi's Swachh Bharat Mission in India—and Local Guides can contribute!


Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi's dream of cleanliness, the Swachh Bharat Mission has built over 30,000 public toilets in more than 500 cities across India. But many toilets need more information on the map so people can find them.


Here’s how Local Guides like you can help: contribute reviews, ratings, and photos of public toilets in your area to help more people get access to clean, well-maintained facilities.


Watch this video to see how one Local Guide writes great #LooReviews:



Here are more tips on how to write your own #LooReview:


Visit and review locations near you

Search for “public toilets near me” or “SBM Toilet” on Google Maps. Many public toilets are missing reviews, ratings, or photos on the map—there may be many of these in your area!


Add a photo of the outside so people can easily find it

Some toilets may be hidden or hard to find. Adding a photo of the outside is an easy way to help guide people to the right place.


Add photos of the inside—but not when people are there

If there are people using the toilet, wait until they are done with their business before taking pictures. If it’s too busy, try to photograph interior details that don’t include people.


Review how clean the facilities are

Cleanliness is essential for a good public toilet, so give praise to places that are clean and well-maintained. If a place is often dirty, mention that in your review.


Check for hours, cost, and privacy

Is the toilet open early in the morning or late at night? Is there a charge? Are there latches on doors? Take note of details like these so others know what to expect.


Note if anything is broken or not working properly

Some public toilets may require repairs, and your reviews help bring attention to those that need attention.


Mention any other helpful or unique details

Some public toilets have extras like showers and dressing rooms. Some are nicely decorated with art. Take note of anything else that makes the place stand out.


Include the hashtag #LooReview

We’ll be looking for our favorite reviews to share on social, and adding this hashtag makes your review easier for us to find. Your #LooReview could be featured next!


For more information on the campaign, visit the Swachh Bharat Mission’s portal.

What are some other ways to help your community? Leave your tips in the comments below!

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Hi, @TiffanyL99@Thanks you so much for sharing a new category of searching toilets near us. Veru useful and informative post 

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Bagus Banget @TiffanyL99 

Connect Moderator

Yesss, @TiffanyL99

Mapping toilets, together with the accessibility activity, is what makes Local Guides so great. So I would add a point to your wonderful post;

Check the accessibility: if there is a Wheelchair label, take a picture of it. Check the size of the door, and verify if it can be used by people will ability impaired. Add also this on your review

Hi Dear @TiffanyL99. Extremely necessary post. Thank you so much for this post.
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Hello @TiffanyL99, tanks for share with us!

Great and helpful job, I think that's a good iniciative for all countries. Here where I live, it's too hard to found public toilets, and mostly of them need some repair and cleaning. With ratings, who administrate those public toilets are able to see what they need.


And @ermest, great comment. 

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It is a good way of searching toilet near us & it is easy for the people to find the toilet when no other help is available.
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Namskar.. @TiffanyL99

Thank you..

For this very Helpful and Necessary Post..


@ermest Sir.. very good Suggestion 

Thanks to you too..


We LGs are always looking forward to Helping peoples through doing Contributions.. 


Mumbai LG Team Contribution

#LooReview 🚽



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Hello @TiffanyL99


It's really a wonderful initiative.  This is the need of hour. 

Many LG ignore the public toilets while doing contributions on Google map. We should also focus on the public toilets wherever we visit. 

I suport you in misson

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Hello @TiffanyL99

I recently added couple of missing public toilets on google maps..

You said to add hashtag ,but where to add it is it in the review or in social media

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Thank you so much for this post. Very useful

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Yes, informative presentation thanks a lot...
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How nice beautiful place.

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Hi Tiffany,

This is a nice initiative

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your post is very greatfully....i hope you always consisten to give benefit in your share

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Thanks for sharing this thead @TiffanyL99

I've already mapped all toilets in my city on Google maps and also created shared map so everyone can find easily on map. Have a look this map.

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well done @NareshDarji

as usual, I would like to add :-)

It is great that you was taking time for helping the community in a so great way



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Thank you @ermest sir.

Now I'm focusing on writing genuine reviews.

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Nice tips

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@ermest @TiffanyL99 @Nand_Kishore

Please visit this site and check Gujarat is best performing state in India.


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Yes @TiffanyL99 I with @ermest it more with the visual piece of mind in that manner

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Thank you @NareshDarji

I know very well that website. The results were alredy impressive several months ago

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Thanks for sharing.


I would like to point out that this places may not have a contact no and claim this business is not really necessary .




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Thanks for your time writing a great article about swachh bharat mission @TiffanyL99. We fellow local guides are working on this by adding all public toilets to the google maps. My dear fellow guides, please don't left any such places. It is more important to do because most of the tourists and person new to the place started searching for public toilets on maps. Lets add public toilets with address,timing, days open, photos etc clearly. 

Thanks @TiffanyL99 for adding topic of Swachh Bharat Mission, #LooReview.  Most of things are covered related to Swachh Bharat Mission But I think some thing is missing in your explanation and/or missunderstude by meaning of Swachh Bharat Mission. English meaning of "Swachh Bharat Mission" is "Clean India Mission" and so in this mission, not only to develope toilets and promot to use of toilet but it all about cleanness which also include to promote all type of cleaness, hygienic environment, cleaning rivers, beautify the visibility etc. 

Toilet is promoted mostly in village areas where people mostly like to use open area (agricultural field) for toilet and this habit is not totally bad due it have some health and environments benefits, like person to walk some distance in morning, toilet away from residential areas and toilet work as natural fertiliser for agriculture field and improve soil. But another way promotion toilet was necessary in village area for women, senior citizens and children.

Я тоже за то чтоб все это было

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Hallo @TiffanyL99@Elenamoskova1978@AsheeshPandey@BKGAJENDRA@varghese sangat inspiratif. Saya sangat setuju kontribusi anda ini. Karena anda membuat sesuatu yang detail dan lumayan akurat. Terima kasih informasinya 

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Hello @TiffanyL99 informatic content and most supporting post,,and most helpful social responsibility post thank you for sharing with us....

@TiffanyL99 Thank you.
The video is very motivational especially for me because I am also from Kolkata, India region. The loos which are reviewed, is near my home area, from South Kolkata.
Thanks again #LooReview.

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Thanks a lot dear @TiffanyL99 for sharing us.



Very good work for all generation.all ways support for this work.all people support for this work.please keep it.

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Many thanks for your post @TiffanyL99

I think adding Toilet/Loo in google maps will help for travellers a lot. I appreciate your initiative.



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খুব সুন্দর একটি উদ্যোগ।।

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অামরা বাংলাবাসী ,অাপনাদের দোয়া প্রার্থী৷

Local guides for a cause 👏

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Amazing post @TiffanyL99 ! For people in India this must be very helpful.


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Hello Dear i am from pakistan. i cant participate in this compaign but i trully support your efforts in make india clean green. #Respect & #support from #Pakistan 

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I know it's embarrassing to even remember days THAT I literally had to use the bathroom outside, because there was no public facility to accommodate my usage. I'm thankful to know something's are being done to bring in toilets in other countries as well as places here in the USA. 

very nice ? tks @TiffanyL99I really like this type of house

thiet ke noi that chung cu 3 phong ngu 

Hi, @TiffanyL99@Thanks you so much for sharing a new category. It's a very important topic for the crowded city. I also share this topic . Thanks again. 

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This is really helpful! We hope to have this initative in all countries.

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Thanks for the post @TiffanyL99 , sucha  great initiation, cleanliness is one of the major issue in india, it's day by day getting deteriorating, Google maps took a great step, it's going Help a lot of people and certainly it will improve.

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Swacha bharat mission is a correctional activity wide to restructurisation of rural and urban slums who are unprivileged or under poverty line.This the a good move by BJP govt .it covers a lot of fields like garbage clean and safety.


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thanks fore the sharing @TiffanyL99

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Nice step

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@TiffanyL99 this is a much needed initiative.. great to start off..
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Muy buena iniciativa. Va a ser de muy buena ayuda. Excelente!!@TiffanyL99


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@TiffanyL99 I already edited some toilets location and I will soon review them to help this mission in my country. Thanks for sharing this.