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Share videos on Google Maps to earn the new Director badge


Screenshot 2018-11-29 at 10.31.29 AM.pngCaption: An illustration of three video cameras on a white background.


Last year, we introduced new badges that recognize the different ways Local Guides like you share your knowledge on Google Maps. Whether you love to write detailed reviews, share amazing photos, or check the facts, there’s a badge for you.


Now that both Android and iPhone users can add videos on Maps, we’ve launched a new badge that celebrates Local Guides who love to capture their favorite places in motion. You can earn the Director badge by sharing videos of the places you visit on Maps. Try giving a tour of an attraction in your area or sharing a video review of a restaurant you love.


By sharing more great videos, you can upgrade from a Novice Director to an Expert Director—and eventually work all the way up to a Master Director. Your past video contributions are factored in, so some of you may already have this badge!


To check, go to “Your contributions” on Google Maps for Android or iOS. There, you’ll see your progress toward this badge.


What’s the best place you’ve captured on video so far? Share a link in the comments below! Need some inspiration? Check out our tips for posting great videos on Google Maps

Level 10

Wonderful @AriMar I already started sharing videos. Till now got the badge for novice director. 

Level 8

Hi @AriMar 

Thank you very much for sharingScreenshot_20181129-212645.pngMy ss




Level 8

It's another awesome badge! Now I'm on the way to get another Master 😀. Thank for sharing @AriMar 🙏!Screenshot_20181129-230142.png




Great To Have This New Badge @AriMar Ji...Just To Get This One. Thank You....IMG_20181129_220343.jpg


Level 10

Great and exciting news. Thanks for sharing @AriMar





Amazing suggestion on sharing the videos with Badges to achieve on sharing.

I believe I will be able to post at least 100 videos of unexplored places of unusual places.

I have already planned to shoot videos during December 2018.

Thanks for detailed information.

Level 8

Hello @AriMar intersting post I'm in 

Novice director still chasing for this badge,Now your post gives boost to complete all badges in future...Thank you for sharing with us...

Level 7

Wow, @AriMar thanks for the information indeed  very helpful information Thank you for sharing with us.

Level 8
Muy binteresante los videos son contenidos, que complementan de mejor manera el mapa

Screenshot_20181129-123242.pngA si vamos


Level 8

Thanks @AriMar but it's not always working to upload video such easy from mobile like photos.

Already tried some.hope to provide more in.near future :-) 

Level 8

Merci pour cette belle initiative, mais je n'ai encore rien vu sur Android; peut etre c'est en cours


@AriMar@ Thanks for sharing this information but I have already started the contribution on video.


Connect Moderator

Gracias @AriMar, por esta nueva insignia, necesaria, considerando que los aportes de videos están creciendo mucho, ustedes siempre pensando en incentivar a los Local Guides 👏👏🙂.

Espero que otros LG se unan a esta nueva manera de aportar contenido al Google Maps 







Level 8

Finnish translation of this new badge is horribly wrong, but I have no idea where should I report it. Finnish version (Aloitteleva johtaja) tells me that I am a "Novice Leader" and not "Novice Director". The second level of this badge is correct in Finnish but the last (Mestaritason arvostelija) means "Expert Reviewer". I think I have send feedback about this issue a long time ago, but I guess the translators team is separate from the developers. There are other little issues here and there when using Finnish, but I feel it is not useful to send these translation issues using the feedback menu. 

Hi @AriMar, Thanks for sharing the new Badges with us. I hope, Google Map user will get more real experiences by the videos. LetsGuide!  

Level 2

Merci airmar  

Apres avoir la traduction c'est mieux pour moi et merci aussi pour l'explication 

Level 9

Very good development.

Thanks @AriMar for the good news.

Level 7

Hi @AriMar  it is a amazing feature on Google Maps. I really love it I didn't load a lot videos but still thank you for introducing a new badge. I tried to post my link but failed and couldn't find it.

Level 10

Yes, this is amazing badge @AriMar

But I think current syncing process for number of videos/places/views on this badge is too slow. Maybe because this is video processing.

Anyway I appreciate introducing this new badge. Thank you and thanks Google 🌷

Level 10

I'm on my way! I wanted to be the first to have the Master Director, but it's really not easy to have 1 million of views on videos!!!! I've discovered some members that already hit the target! Congratulations!

Here are my stats (I'm uploading just now a couple of videos of a recent discovery)


Screenshot_20181129-213509.pngExpert Director

Level 8

Hi, @AriMar


i never uploaded videos on Google Maps.

Until i heard about the new badge.

That was a wonderful inspiration finally to try me on videos!

Now i have uploaded my first 7 videos!

Thank you so much for this new possibility, to reach for a new expert.

It was a great idea!





Thank you @AriMar i will do it soon.
Level 10

@AriMar thanks for amazing news! I love this new badge!




I like video food, I can recorder what have inside a hamburger, better than pictures in some cases.

Thank you @AriMar

This new badge also nice! We got a new goal:-)

I'm a Novice Director yet. I'll take videos from today!

Very nice...
Level 8

Hello @AriMar

Do I know, how many points need for expert and master video camera badge? 

@@AriMar, That'' great news.  Having acquired all the four Badges, now I will chase the Director badge.

Level 8

That's just great! Any restrictions on the size of the videos being uploaded?

Hello @AriMar

Thank you for sharing. I have already started the contribution on video.Screenshot_20181130-101732_Maps.jpg

Level 10

I don't see the new badge. Why is it so?

Level 7

WoW this great news for GLG, thanks for sharing @AriMar 

Level 8

thanks @AriMar I have uploaded three vids. But in My Contributions, it is showing one in the Badge of the Director. How much time it takes to update? 

@AriMar Great news. Thanks for sharing. I will begin with videos.

Level 10

Here is my progress for my badge statsScreenshot_20181130-204717.png





Got it. Started to upload. 




Superb badges :-)

Level 6


Level 10

IMG_20181130_184832.jpgOn the Way to Master Director....

 Hai @AriMar....Thank you for your Information....I have just completed Expert Director....

Iam unable to upload videos? 

Level 10

@AriMar thank you for sharing the good news. I like the transition through the three steps!📹📽🎥🎬

20181110_133541.pngCaption: My Badge as an Expert Director




Level 10

Thanks for sharing wonderful post @AriMar I already started upload videos on Google maps here is mine Director Badge


Level 8

Hi @AriMar

How much should be the minimum time for a video?
The internet speed is slow.
I hope this problem will be solved soon.


Level 10



Thanks for this News..

I m not a Expert..

But Trying to get this Badge..IMG_20181130_223358.jpg


Regards From Mumbai


Level 8

yeah @AriMar i noticed this new badges and i am on my way to be master director :)

keep motivate us,

just one favor its an idea and suggestion i suggest long time ago,

7 points for the video not fair , if you can give more points to the video

for example: "in 30 seconds video we can shoot at least 3 good photos for the shop and get 15 points "

Level 7

Hi @AriMar just update the maps but there's no new badge regarding video as actually I have 22 video so far I uploaded. 

So how many video do I need to share than that badge will appear on my contribution page?


Thanks for the info. 

Awesome @AriMar  I will start uploadin more & more videos!!


Thanks for the info.

Level 3

I can't get my message

Level 10

@AriMar during this month I've uploaded video in many different ways:

  • directly from iOS camera
  • directly from Android camera
  • uploading mp4 from my android/iOS
  • uploading mp4 from Google Maps desktop

Yesterday I had an issue uploading 4 short movies: shot by drone, downsized from 4K to 720P using quicktime, converted from mp4 to mov using cloud convert, uploaded to drive, downloaded from smartphone and uploaded to maps.

Sometimes they show a circle-arrow icon, sometimes they don't upload at all.

Then I removed them and uploaded using Google Maps desktop, and now seems are ok, but they show a zero length and they don't start. Do you think that require some time to be processed?

Level 7

I have a video that I've had on my contributions page, but I somehow did not receive a badge for any of that. Does it have to be a new upload since the release? In order to get the badge