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Reflecting on a great week at Connect Live 2018

Google Administrator

StephanieAdams-02657.jpgCaption: A photo of the back of a Googler wearing a Connect Live 2018 T-shirt while watching Jen Fitzpatrick, VP of Google Maps, deliver a keynote.Last Thursday, we wrapped up two and a half days of what I can only describe as awesomeness at Google’s campus in Mountain View with an awards ceremony, glow party, and Ricoh Theta V camera giveaway courtesy of the Street View team for our 151 attendees from 59 countries.


WendyGeorge-1346.jpgCaption: A group photo of Local Guide attendees at Connect Live 2018 holding up flags from their home countries as well as Local Guides props.


Over 100 Googlers from across Google participated in the event, whether it was by hosting a talk or by attending our daily Googler Office Hours where Local Guides could bring their issues and ideas directly to the product manager working on that area.


Over the course of the two days, attendees participated in their choice of four sessions, chosen out of 19 topics in total which ranged from Make Your Own Street View, to Shaping the Future of Map Editing, to Local Guides Helping Local Businesses.


christinadomingues-DSC09837.jpgCaption: A photo of Local Guides sitting in the audience and smiling during Connect Live 2018.


While we hosted three parties in total—and wow, were they fun—we debuted the Local Guides Lounge, a place where they could gather to play games, share ideas, and get to know each other even better.


Attendees and Googlers have shared an incredible amount of photos and posts using #localguidesconnect, and we thank you for following along with us. If you haven’t yet, head on over to your favorite social media platform to see the event through their eyes.


Thank you for following along and I hope you’ll enjoy seeing more information from Connect Live 2018 over the coming weeks!


Thank you @TraciC!

We are looking forward to the next exciting news! 

Level 8

Hi @TraciC.

Connect Live 2018 was filled with so many awesomeness and excitements. Meeting wonderful Local Guides from different parts of the world and the Local Guides Team was one of the lifetime opportunities for me. The event is unforgettable as it is very special. It increased my love towards the Google Maps and Local Guides Program. My heartfelt thanks for organising such an amazing event for us. 

@TraciC Always in wait...New share  makes us live what You And other fortunate members already...

Level 9

@TraciC Truly such an inspiring time - being able to share those key moments with so many dedicated Local Guides and enthusiastic Googlers, it's hard to leave a well-crafted event like Connect Live without a long-lasting burst of energy and admiration for what the program has become. Also, the diversity and availability of the breakout sessions was great - even sessions that I did not originally choose were great and challenged many of us to think about the program in those aspects and learn something new! 


Never will stop saying THANK YOU to you all! :) 

Level 7

Congratulations to @TraciC and Congratulations to your whole team who participated in this this event for successful 3rd Connect event. I really appreciate that and hoping for more successful events in future.




Safdar Rai 

@TraciC Wooow


Those pics are awesome. 


Truly our mates deserve to be there. InshaAllah hope to see my name in next year list.


working hard to achieve this goal.



Level 5

Woww itu keren.. apa lagi ikut serta di sana pasti luar biasa.. di tunggu kabar selanjutnya😁😎

Level 8

Dear @TraciC, words fall short of how insightful, helpful, awesome and fun the whole Connect Live event was. I am super grateful to have gotten an opportunity to attend such a world class event. You have so much energy and passion in what you do and I am so glad to have met you!  Huge round of applause to all the Googlers who worked behind the sceens to make the whole event seamless and a success.IMG_20181018_175953922_HDR.jpgConnect Live Day 2 Closing Party with Tracy




Level 7

I hearing lot of about you @TraciC.

Happy to meet in next year and discussion about map.

Thanks for inspiration.


Level 8

It would be nice, @TraciC if you shared the videos of the talks and presentations the SF Googlers gave to the Live 2018 LGs.

Level 10

Connect Live 2018 was an incredible event - so many amazing people, so much fascinating information, and an impact that will last a lifetime. Thank you for your tireless work @TraciC. I knew Connect Live would be great, but I didn't know I would come back better, stronger, happier, and immersed in the love born of the community Google has created. Thank you thank you thank you.

Connect Moderator

Una de las cosas que me impresio del abanico de opciones que tuvieron para ofrecernos, fueron los talleres con los gerentes de producto, la sensación de que posiblemente en un futuro alguna de nuestras sugerencias formen parte del nuevo Google Maps fue muy emocionante he inclusivo, reconozco que me uniera gustado participar en más talleres , el tiempo es tan poco y los tema, uno más interesante que otro, gracias por dejarnos participar @TraciC





Saludos Farid




Level 10

Thanks @TraciC was really fun to follow the #localguidesconnect from here :)

I *suspect* that being there was a little mor funny ^_^

Hope to meet you in this life Traci :)

Level 7

It's nice to see everyone together, and see how well they've had it, feliciades, at least it's a good experience that you take and that you have enjoyed

Congratulations @TraciC and the team for successful completion of Connect live . I was unable to attend Connect Live but was following every minutes of the events. I hope to join next time. Is there something special surprise to those who were selected but unable to attend.😀😀😀

Level 9


Yes, it can only be described as awesomness :)

Filled with the awesomness of 59 countries all together, a mini UN of local guides.

Also, the give aways of ideas, love, connections & gifts.

IMG_20181022_193041_927.jpgThank you for all the goodies (courtesy of Stephen Abraham)

 Looking forward for more awesomeness to come our way 😊




Level 8

Thank you dear @TraciC for your huge job in order that Connect Live was perfect! It is pleasure to see happy Local Guides on Connect Live 2018.

We are looking forward to hearing the next news from Connect Live 2018!


Level 10

Thanks to you @TraciC
It is clear that your bright temperament has become the key to success. And we will not forget the support of 100 people in the background!
Beyond my imagination, the participants enjoyed, united and were seriously working!

Level 8

@TraciC@@@It was great week following the connect live 2018 news on all social media , 

We are tuned for the next year ,

We will meet , we will meet , on 

SF , Jordan , Mars , Moon one day we will meet :D

Level 8

I agree it was pure awesomeness! It may be my first time to experience this but I am sure that topping that would be very difficult! The things I learned, the people I met and connected with (everybody were so accommodating even for first timers like me)  made the experience a lot awesome-r (if there is such a word). 

All I can say is thank you so much Google and Local Guides!  


Level 10

Congratulations @TraciC for another successful and wonderful event .

Yes all local guides including me enjoyed each and every picture and post. And specially me, I was feeling that I was there and enjoyed that event with my friends who was there. 

Thanks again. 

Level 10

Thank you for sharing dear @TraciC

Best Regards

hi to all friends, happy to join with you all through the google map platform. hope it will help us in many ways especially for developing a universal brotherhoodness among the participants.

Yay yay!!! Welcome back from your break @TraciC!! Now work!! 😈 #whip 😂😂😂

Level 9

@TraciC thanks so much for this post, I loved reading it! It was so great to meet you in person and all the 150 local guides from all over the world! I can't wait for future features and want to thank you again for that amazing event!

@TraciC My dream to be like you one day will reach to height which you've reached .

Wuauu @TraciC,

We can see that all of you, attendees and googlers, had an incredible time at Connect Live 2018!!! At the same time than learning and sharing knowledge.

We will be following the information :)))

Good Evening from the South of Spain,


Level 8

Thank you @TraciC for this fantastic post.



Level 9

شكراً @TraciC


Saudi local guide 🇸🇦

Level 8
Looks like it was a good time! Sorry I wasn't selected, but hopefully this will not be the last time an event like this will be held. I spent my birthday October 16th taking pictures of some new businesses that opened up in my area so it wasn't a complete loss.

Wow,  it surely looked awesome!


Looking forward to connect live 2019 @TraciC

Level 8

It's a great experience even! Thank @TraciC & all 100+ Googlers!

Thanks @TraciC for the update. Happy to see fellow Local Guides from around the world.

Thanks Google Administrator) for sharing the photos of the event. 

Would you please share the video clips (official or unofficial) of the event snabling other Local guides who have not made to the Summit to enjoy the pleasure.Recaps of the Local Guides Summit 2018.jpgRecaps of the Local Guides Summit 2018

Connect Moderator

It was a pleasure to be a part of this year's event @TraciC thank you to you and the amazing team (did I hear 100 Googlers?) who put this thing on and managed it well throughout the event.

Level 7

wowwww these beautiful photos always mortivate me.

Level 10

Hi, @TraciC There is so much excitment and beauty of gethering Local Guides to make historical moments. 

All managent of Conect LIve 2018 did nice job well and made participant so happy. The apprication inspiring us to do more. Feeling like we are there among you and wish to join next time.

Thanks a lot for sharing these memories with us .

Level 10

Cảm ơn @TraciC đã chia sẻ những hình ảnh này. Đó là một sự tuyệt vời, Rất tiếc không có vị đại diện của Việt Nam chúng tôi than dự sự kiện này.

 Quote "Thanks @TraciC for sharing these pictures. That's a great thing, unfortunately we do not have a Vietnamese representative presenting this event."

Kính gửi levanhien,
Đừng lo lắng! Chúng ta sẽ gặp nhau tại hội nghị thượng đỉnh tiếp theo năm 2019

Hãy bắt đầu đóng góp của bạn một cách tự do từ bây giờ trở đi để đạt đến đỉnh.
Tất cả tốt nhất!


Dear levanhien,
Dont Worry! We will meet at the next summit 2019
Please start your contributions liberally from now onwards to reach a summit.
All the Best!

(See you in Vietnam while visiting Cambodia Anchor Wat in a few months!)

Level 8

@TraciC Look awesom. Looking forward for more exciting news .

Happy Guiding!   

Level 8

Thanks @TraciC for share with us. Hope one day i will be there.

Level 8

So glad to be a part of LOCAL GUIDES PROGRAM ^_^ 

Level 7

aku harap tahun depan bisa ke sini

Level 7

Congratulations to @TraciC and Congratulations to your whole team who participated in this this event for successful 3rd Connect event. I really appreciate that and hoping for more successful events in future.

I hope that next year could be here

Level 9

Thank you @TraciC for the immense work and dedication you and your colleagues have dedicated to this event! The results were beyond our expectations .... you have made unforgettable precious memories that will last a lifetime!


Thanks again!




Level 8


Good to see these people around the world and looking forward for to include in the upcoming event...

Level 8

Always a great initiative by Google. 

Level 8

 . Thank you so much@TraciC

 Connect Live 2018 was an amazing event -and so many amazing people they gave so much fascinating information, helps to people.

Connect Moderator

@TraciC It was a pleasure to be a part of this year's connect live :) thanks to all the Googlers who worked behind the scenes to make this event success :)

Level 10

Thank you for this brief but complete report @TraciC