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New: Use hashtags in your reviews on Maps


Hashtags_on_maps_DAY1.gifCaption: A gif that shows a four-star review that says, “This place is perfect for people who are looking for adventure #letsguide” against an orange background.

Have a favorite coffee shop that serves #oatmilk or a go-to #datespot? You can now share the places you love and why you love them with hashtags on Google Maps.


Live on Android and coming soon to iOS, hashtags are an easy way to tell others about your exciting experiences and find similar ones in your area, whether you’re doing a general search for #familyfriendly places or just need to share all the ways to experience #pumpkinspice this fall (or seasonal treats popular near you).


Here are some tips to get you started:


1. Use specific hashtags that you’d want to search

Hashtags like #love, #food, or #favorite may be too vague to help people find what they’re looking for. Here are some interesting hashtag ideas to use instead:

    • All your favorite places: #LetsGuide
    • Restaurants, bars, cafes: #vegetarian #oatmilk #fallcocktails
    • Attractions: #streetart #rainydays #selfiespot
    • Outdoors: #sunsetviews #lakeside #leafpeeping
    • Accessibility: #wheelchairaccessible #audiomenu #stepfree


2. Include up to five hashtags

If you want to include multiple hashtags, we recommend keeping it to five. Add them to the end of your reviews to make the text easier to read.


3. Add hashtags to past reviews

You can go back and add hashtags to your past reviews and photo captions so more people will find them.


What hashtags are you excited to start using? Tell us in the comments below!

Google Administrator

I'm most excited to see my #accessible hashtags come to life!

Connect Moderator

I went to one of the top 150 cafes in the world yesterday. It is all vegan, so I used #vegan! :)

My review here!

Level 9

So exciting! Another intriuging and helpful element added to my favorite part of contributing to maps. Thanks for the info, @AriMar!

Level 6

Wow thats great, #letsguide

Level 10

Am excited about this. I have used this  in the past to write reviews with accessibility feature #a11y. Well done team, I love this feature.


@AriMar here are some hash tags I would use.













I'll go straight to my reviews.

Thanks for the #advice @AriMar.

Level 7

Hey @AriMar


It's great news, Thanks for sharing.

Level 10

Awesome, I know I will use hashtags a ton, and definitely use them on my past and future reviews. I think I will search for specific foods a lot (like #mozzarellasticks), and include those type of hashtags and others like #accessibility, #vegan, #vegetarian and more in my reviews.


I'm wondering if hashtags with the same meaning but written in different languages are put in the same "group", so to speak. For example, if I write #accesible (accessible in Spanish) and an English speaker searches for #accessible, will Maps take my review into account when it shows the results?
I'm asking because I would write the hashtags in Spanish, but I recently been to countries whose official languages don't include Spanish and I would write them in one of the country's official languages if that were more helpful.


Thank you for sharing, @AriMar! Maybe you have the answer to my question?

And thanks too to everyone who worked to make this feature happen!

Level 8

#petfriendly #petlovers que tal @lucianavelasques




Eu vou de #gratuito #nafaixa inicialmente.


Best regards from Brazil!

Level 9
i love to use use hashtag based on location and review type
Level 8

Hi @Jesi  how are you?


In my location (Sao Paulo Brazil), determined by a distance.

(Google maps app)


No capital letters in hashtags Search



Best regards from Brazil!




Level 10

Nice to see official announcement in this case. I've also mentioned it in this post.


Hi @Haruki I'm using  #petfriendly for places which are adapted to receive pets like hotels, stores, and parks. And we could use #petlovers when a place has something unique to offer for pets. My idea about hashtags on the map

Level 7

I can’t wait, thats great #letsguide

Level 8

In good time comes this option to use hashtag and make searches easy.

Level 7

Great! Now I can add hashtags for places that offer #cider with menu items that are #glutenFree! It is always a challenge finding safe food places for Celiacs and gluten free folks!

Level 10

It's really a cool feature! :)

Now what's really necessary it's a search box in reviews on Google Maps desktop :)


Level 7

@AriMar good idea ☺ #LetsGuide

Level 8

Great feature..!! 


Connect Moderator

Yay this is public now!!


I often use tags like #accessible, #kids, #fun, #cheap, #expensive and of course #letsguide

Hi @AriMar

Thanks for sharing a very important post regarding Hashtags. 

I always use my country name hashtag then my local guide group name and then LetsGuide tag. In my upcoming post and review, I will use your suggested Hashtags. like-

#vegetarian #oatmilk #fallcocktails #streetart #rainydays #selfiespot #sunsetviews #lakeside #leafpeeping #wheelchairaccessible #audiomenu #stepfree

Using a hashtag is easy to understand a detail with a very short form. Love this #wheelchairaccessible tag. 

Thanks again. 




Connect Moderator

Es muy buena noticia, la que nos traes @AriMar, es una manera más facil de buscar temáticas y lo que nos das como sugerencias de hasta, es muy útil, ya uencasi nunca uno sabe cual es adecuado para colocar en determinado lugares, Garcías. 🙂👏



Level 7

I'd love to see following hastags trending 

#IndiaDekho (See India)














Level 10

Great! More guest frinedly and specific! 

Level 8

Sudah lama mendengar dan membaca tagar(hashtag), tapi sampai saat ini saya belum memahami apa itu hashtag, manfaat dan cara menggunakannya.


Tagar yg ingin saya gunakan atau kembangkan antara lain : 

#cucu(grand son), #pensiunan, #manula, #anggrek, #....., dll.


Is itrue ? I do not know. Bye bye.

Level 8

Would you give me a example, please. 

Level 9

It's great! I'm alredy using this feature. Thanks for sharing.

Level 8

Good to know about this new feature "#tag". I have some doubt, how someone will search?
And can anyone explain me how someone will get my review using a #tag??
Whether he will get all the reviews of mine or only review of that porticular location.
Thank you :)

Level 7

@AriMar Nice initiative, I think this will make the specialities of the places more visible.     

Level 8

An interesting feature. But I did not quite understand about adding a hashtag to photos. How to add a hashtag to a review is understandable, but if photos are published without a review? Can I add a hashtag just to published photos? If it is possible, how to do it? I could not find a place where I can put the hashtag.

Great to see new feature coming in @ Google Maps #LetsGuide

Great news! Excited to see new discoverablity features being added :) 


Wow its great information.thanks for sharing with us.#letsguide

Level 8

The hash tags I have started using are:


#cleanercity and #natureinthecity


I'll use #familyfriendly if the place is for the whole family as well.


Nice idea!



Level 8

Finally, it's out for use now 😍. Thank @AriMar for sharing!

Level 8

@Victoria_v Bonjour je crois que les #Hashtags sont destinés aux commentaires et qui dit commentaires, dit mots, photos et vidéos. Donc soyez libre de distribuer vos hashtags a ces niveaux. Bonne journée et bien cordialement.

MPH Level 8
Level 8

This is finally happening! 

Level 2



hashtags come to life

Thank you for the update @AriMar @@I am sure it will make a difference to us and the world as a whole.

Level 3

Hi my name is iwan

Level 6

Loved this update

Level 8

Hey @AriMar

This is very interesting and useful.

As a Muslim my favorite hashtag is #halal 

For cafes and restaurants.

Thank you.

Thanks to introduce this great feature of Hashtag, sure i will use in my reviews like











Level 4

Thanks for the tips AriMar.  I love visting new places although, I must admit I have been slacking.  I look forward to more communication.

So happy hashtags are finally on iOS. I’m excited to use my three favourite breakfast items #acaibowl #almondmilk #chaitea

Level 7

This is look like wow. i like it :) 

Level 5

#jajan for snack food and #dessert ice cream float not forget #letsguide to #stalljajanijam

Level 6

hi @AriMar ;


Read more In Details

Level 10

So excited to start using this!! There are so many potential uses and implications! Will there be an official list of suggested hashtags issues for some of the main topics? It would be great if we had a way to unify our hashtags so that we could maximize their impact.

Level 6

very nice :)