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Local Guides around the world featured in ‘Local Hero’ videos


dominican video.pngCaption: A screenshot from a Local Guides YouTube video called “Local Hero: Mapping For Good in the Dominican Republic,” showing a woman using a wheelchair crossing a street at a crosswalk.Last year, we launched a new series on the Local Guides YouTube channel called “Local Hero.” In this series, we highlight outstanding Local Guides who have made extraordinary contributions to their communities through sharing info and photos on Google Maps—like Local Guide and doctor Shaunak Das. By adding hospitals in Calcutta to Google Maps, Dr. Das has helped to make sure people know where to find the medical care they need.


The series started with a video featuring Local Guide Luis Duran, whose contributions have added essential accessibility information to the map in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. Since then we’ve showcased a Local Guide who supports women’s rights in Nigeria through her contributions, a duo who helped an Italian town recover after an earthquake through mapping, and even a Felician Sister who became a Local Guide to help the homeless.



One of the most popular videos so far is about the “Granny Online,” Local Guide Jennifer Longhurst. She was given this nickname after spurring tourism in Estepona, Spain with the photos she shares on Google Maps.


Watch the whole series here and make sure to subscribe to the Local Guides YouTube channel and turn on the notification bell so you’re alerted when we post new episodes.


Do you know a Local Guide that you think should be featured as a Local Hero? Tell us about them in the comments below!


Thank you @kmajewski for your great post. It'll inspire many Local Guide to contribute more dedicately and accurately.

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As local guides always  having hero time .


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Excellent write up.



Thanks & Regards


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Thank you for sharing this @kmajewski :)

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Hello @kmajewski


Thanks for Shearing :)

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Yes dear @kmajewski,  local guides are the real hero's. 


I wish all who contributed to the community in a unique way.  They stories shared here are inspirational

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Thank you @kmajewski. Surely a great initiative

Thank you....Great Motivational Key To Inspire Us. 

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Inspiring post for all of us @kmajewski thank you for sharing with us...

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Really appreciated their efforts to help others thru the Local Guides program!! Thank for sharing this story with us @kmajewski.

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For something so simple as taking a photo, helps the community to connect to our needs.Thank you Dr. Shaunak Das, Luis Duran, Jennifer Longhurst, and everyone who help our world be a better and safer place!

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Hi @kmajewski
One of my friend recently made this video for disbaled people - have a look at this link

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@kmajewski Thanks for the Local Heroes feature. This would be the best iinspiration for us..

Happy Guiding!  

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Thanks for featuring me, again, and for the spot on central Italy that, eventually, will help many people recover.

Actually, in Italy, we have a great person, former major of a little city called Riace, that created a working handling model for immigration emergency. He is actually harassed by government, and had to leave the city. Has been proposed for peace nobel prize. I think that there is no Local Hero that deserves honours more than him. It's name is Domenico Lucano.

He set an high bar level for Local Heroes.

This is Local Guide's pride, 'The Local Hero'. Congratulations in advance to those whoever will be featured as  local guide because always the best will be featured.


Congratularions to you too @LucioV. :)

@kmajewski Thanks for your inspirational post.

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Cognitive post, now I will know. Thank.

@ness_ness .This is good opportunity to become a Hero by selective contribution of videos relating  to a social cause.

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Thank you so much for this post @kmajewski.


I always admire people that doing something remarkable despite the physical or environmental obstacles. Hope this reading and the video will inspire us to achieve what these people did. 

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Terima kasih telah berbagi post menarik @kmajewski 


Semoga akan semakin banyak kontribusi positif dari Local Guides dari seluruh dunia dengan satu semangat. Membuat dunia lebih baik dan semakin terhubung.


Salam dari Kota Bogor,  Jawa Barat,  Indonesia


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Hey @kmajewski

Thank you for sharing ..

turn on the notification :)

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@kmajewski Thank you for mentioning my contribution work along with others in Local Guides Hero series. I feel so honoured to be part of such a wonderful global community. Thank you to eveyone that made my days so special. 

I'm sure more Local guides will join to this community in coming days and do their best work on maps and that makes life so much easier for people everywhere.  

P.S. @LucioV Nice to see your video again. :) 

Thank you for sharing this great stories @kmajewski I do not know any hero here where I am but I would like to become one of them one day as I currently have an idea of something that I can do to help others here. I want to put NGO's on the map, for me to start doing this where do I start because I do not have anyone to work with here due to lack of communication with my South African local guides. Any idea of what I can do to kick start?

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My pleasure @DrShaunak, hope we will meet again.

Thank you @kmajewski for post local hero's. Because many people help get from local guide reviews missing place add. 

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 @kmajewski great way of showcasing Local Guides. Thanks for sharing. 

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Great inspiration and influence to the  whole world and mankind!

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Tuyệt vời quá

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The videos that come up are a highlight @kmajewski I definitely encourage people to go and look at all the videos on the channel if they haven't for both celebration of the wonderful people and their contributions as well as ideas for how to contribute as a Local Guide to a greater purpose and help our communities.

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Salut chers tous j’en profite ce temps pour  féliciter toute la communauté local guide et nos local, je tiens d’ecourager leurs travaux de titans qu’il partage avec le reste du monde.

je n’oublie pas de dire grand merci aussi à @PaulPavlinovich qui m’aide aussi à s’intégrer sur la plateforme de local guide connect 


Merci à vous tous

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@kmajewski Great read!!!! It's always important to care for and give attention to those in need.  Thanks for illuminating this topic and sharing with us.  God bless.

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Very inspiration post @kmajewski Thanks for sharing great post. 


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thank you for sharing
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Thanks for sharing 

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Reapected @kmajewski

Thanks for this inspiring post .  " There is a will there is a way" Local hero really fullfill this sentences.

I will try to contribute like them . and if i notic something like this surely updete you.

Regards Tejal Chhaya.

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Hi @kmajewski,


This is so inspiring and a great series started for local Guides. 👏


Thanks for sharing!!!


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Every team needs a hero, every hero needs a team.

Then they r the hero of LGs~!!

So proud of them:((

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Thank youfor sharing for this inspiring post.

Regards @Tejal

This is Great!

the artice is too great 

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Helpful for new guide s like me. Great article

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i saw an advetiser 5 years ago that people can help  blind mute people through an app to help they recognize things!

Like this!