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Local Guides 2018: Year in Review


ezgif-3-30dae409896b.gifCaption: A GIF that shows “2018” flipping into “2019” surrounded by party supplies. The “0” transforms into the Local Guides logo and says “Happy New Year!” underneath.As 2019 is in full swing, I thought it might be fun to reflect on the fantastic 2018 we had together as Local Guides. We were pleased to relaunch Connect in 37 languages, with a ton of updates based on your feedback, and introduce a new Director badge on Google Maps to celebrate Local Guides who love to capture videos of their favorite places. We also hosted 151 top Local Guides from 59 countries (a record for our flagship event!) at the Googleplex in Mountain View as part of Connect Live. And, to top it off, we wanted to share even more of your great contributions so we launched an Instagram channel, @googlelocalguides, which already has nearly 200K followers!


As a community, we saw the following in 2018 alone:

  • 350,000 Local Guides joined us on Connect
  • Nearly 800,000 of you wrote over 100,000 posts and posted 283,000 replies on other Local Guides’ posts
  • You acknowledged great posts by giving out over 1 million likes
  • You submitted over 3,200 ideas on the Idea Exchange and shared over 181,000 votes on others’ ideas
  • You hosted nearly 12,000 meet-ups with over 33,300 registered attendees

What are you most proud of sharing as a Local Guide in 2018?

New to Connect? Tell us what you’re most looking forward to doing on Connect this year.

Level 1

So many amazing things from Local Guides this year. I really enjoyed meeting and chatting with you as well at Connect Live this year.


I love having this platform here for all of us to share our travel stories from different parts of the world. I took a trip up to Whistler, Canada in December and this post is one that I'm happy to share with everyone here! Hope you enjoy it as well! 


Can't wait to see what is coming up for the program in 2019!! :)

Happy . new year

Level 7

Salut @lapinmalinalin 

vous avez bien dit et j’aimerais bien visiter fribourg, je vois toujours ta ville sur la télé 


le travail est bel et bien énorme et comme je vois vous êtes déjà au niveau 6 c’est bon sauf vous pouvez initier vos amis et proche pour vous aider à faire ce bon truc


merci 🙏 et grand courage mon chèr 

Level 10

I love all

It's been a great year. Awesome numbers.....

Show! Parabéns a todos.

Level 3


Level 7

ฉันมีความรู้สึกว่า สุดยอดมาก

Level 7

Excited for all that's coming in 2019 and I am so glad to be a part of the Local Guide community.

I love that we can post video for reviews which is one my fav things to do. Thanks for adding that feature.  Being a Local Guide inspired me to become a YouTuber :-)      I hope to be at the Connect Live event this year!

Thanks @Albry   For sharing this great and Amazing Informations About local Guides program

NyC 2019

come faccio a non ricevere piu' notifiche da questo post?

Level 5

Hi everyone. :)


Congratulations to all. Incredible numbers!!

I'm not New to Connect, however I hope to stay and to participate more

moments here!



Best regards from Nigeria.Screenshot_2019-02-12-18-53-08.png

It was a great year.👌


Level 8



To forum jest niesamowite. Ja mam nadzieję, że w tym roku poznam je i będę się po nim poruszał jak u siebie w domu. Ja mam nadzieję, że poznam wielu fantastycznych lokalnych przewodników z całego świata. Tworzenie Google Map szalenie mi się podoba. Mam dopiero 8 poziom, ale mam nadzieję, że do końca 2019 roku zdobędę 10 poziom. Najbardziej dla mnie fascynujące jest odkrywanie nowych miejsc, jakich nie ma jeszcze na mapach Google. Ja mam nadzieję, że dla mnie i dla was wszystkich to będzie (jest) jedna wielka, magiczna, niekończąca się opowieść...

Pozdrawiam z West Yorkshire w Anglii!

Its a beautiful things of way to help other.




Level 1


Level 6

В этом чудесном 2019году хочется больше внимания от Google Locals, больше субъективного внимания участникам тех или иных стран, городов, и т.д. Соответственно и участникам ложится на плечи более интересная и более ответственная участь. Соответственно и выполнение возложенной задачи чтоб индивидуальнее вознаграждались...

Level 2
Congratulations to all
Level 2

Estou super feliz em poder mostra o que a minha Bahia tem de melhor

Google Moderator

Hey @GlamourBahia360,

Bem vindo ao Connect e prazer em conhecê-lo. 


Estamos felizes com você aqui e esperamos para conhecer um pouco mais desse estado maravilhoso. 


Grande abraço. 

Level 9

Hi All


I am relatively not new to Connect.


This year I am looking forward to networking with the objective of becoming an effective and efficient local guide within my parameters.


It is extremely difficult to host meetups, if the success of such events are measured by number of local guides attended, where I live and work. Most of my meetup were attended only by me or in the best case scenario with a few people personally close to me who had no intention of becoming active local guides. Please @Albry let us know if other people have the same problem that I have.


In the absence of that aspect I am becoming strong and learning from the community in the Connect how I could contribute in other ways such as Reviews. Please check my intagram @fernandorohitha 


Looking forward to 2019IMG_20190213_122236.jpgHappy and prosperous New Year   



Hi everyone. :)


#LetsConnect the world more.

Lets grow together to reach higher.



Regards from Serbia

Level 7

Super nous attendons le rendez-vous 2019 salut à tous

#lets guide

Level 3

شكرا جزيلا

Hi every one.

Level 5

hey all. 

Congratulations to all. Incredible numbers!!

hey all


Level 5

Thanks for your shring

Great! :)

Level 5



Level 9

Buenas @Albry 


Muchas felicidades por el correo elctronico recordando todas las contribuciones que hemos hecho como Local Guides en el año anterior.


Creo que una buena mejoría es poner el % en el que estamos como Local Guides en el pais en el que residimos y en el mundo, actualmente solo te indica que estás en la ciudad en la que resides, en mi caso me ha indicado que estoy en el 1% de los Local Guides que más contribuciones tiene de la ciudad de Madrid España que es donde resido.


Espero atentamente la respuesta de la comunidad.


Un Saludo Cordial 



Level 1

Best of Luck for All .. JAI HIND JAI JAWAN .. 

Level 6

I am proud of sharing review  and a photo of my School. Till now it gets 5500+ views. 

Level 7

Great effort by local guides 

Level 1


Level 8

@Albry  A mí me pasa lo mismo, yo también recibí un correo en el cual dice que estoy dentro del 1% de los Guías Locales de mi ciudad (Santo Domingo) y yo deseo saber dentro de que porcentaje estoy a nivel global y de mi país. 

Level 2

hi i want to change location, how?


Level 3


Level 6

Amazing and enjoy to become a google local guide. It is wonderful to explore around and helping other,  as a local guide. 

Happy new year everybody!!! Gos bless us all

Благодарю за информацию и за живой обмен мнениями😊

Level 3

May next year be even greater!!! xx

 If I don't behavior I am going to camp shelby


Level 1

Hi all am new from the Scottish Highlands in Inverness watch out for photos of the Loch ness monster and of Scotland and Edinburgh

Level 8

Hi @Albry ,


I look forward to host a local guide meeting in Kolkata or Chandigarh. Anyone interested in may contact me. 


The other thing I want to achieve is get 500 likes and give 500 likes. So I would need support from you all.


This is my current goal for this year and later move on to other goals.

Level 1

Một công cụ tuyệt vời để lưu trử nhừng khoảnh khắc tuyệt vời bên người thân và gia đinh

Level 5


Level 6
Hi i m loca guide indonesia.lampung