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Local Guides 2018: Year in Review


ezgif-3-30dae409896b.gifCaption: A GIF that shows “2018” flipping into “2019” surrounded by party supplies. The “0” transforms into the Local Guides logo and says “Happy New Year!” underneath.As 2019 is in full swing, I thought it might be fun to reflect on the fantastic 2018 we had together as Local Guides. We were pleased to relaunch Connect in 37 languages, with a ton of updates based on your feedback, and introduce a new Director badge on Google Maps to celebrate Local Guides who love to capture videos of their favorite places. We also hosted 151 top Local Guides from 59 countries (a record for our flagship event!) at the Googleplex in Mountain View as part of Connect Live. And, to top it off, we wanted to share even more of your great contributions so we launched an Instagram channel, @googlelocalguides, which already has nearly 200K followers!


As a community, we saw the following in 2018 alone:

  • 350,000 Local Guides joined us on Connect
  • Nearly 800,000 of you wrote over 100,000 posts and posted 283,000 replies on other Local Guides’ posts
  • You acknowledged great posts by giving out over 1 million likes
  • You submitted over 3,200 ideas on the Idea Exchange and shared over 181,000 votes on others’ ideas
  • You hosted nearly 12,000 meet-ups with over 33,300 registered attendees

What are you most proud of sharing as a Local Guide in 2018?

New to Connect? Tell us what you’re most looking forward to doing on Connect this year.

Connect Moderator

Hey @Albry


So many amazing things from Local Guides this year. I really enjoyed meeting and chatting with you as well at Connect Live this year.


I love having this platform here for all of us to share our travel stories from different parts of the world. I took a trip up to Whistler, Canada in December and this post is one that I'm happy to share with everyone here! Hope you enjoy it as well! 


Can't wait to see what is coming up for the program in 2019!! :)

Level 8

Hi everyone. :)


Congratulations to all. Incredible numbers!!

I'm not New to Connect, however I hope to stay and to participate more

moments here!



Best regards from Brazil.

Level 8

Let's go for another great year! #letsguide and help others! 

Thanks for the awesome stats and roundup @Albry!! Great to see Connect/Local Guides program growing and improving over time! I think there are some super awesome Local Guides out there and I'm glad to have been able to highlight a few of them in my posts! For 2019, I want to showcase more folks and give them a voice (quite literally) through the podcast project that a few of us are involved in. As for Connect posts, I hope to have more that is Manchester related! This grey, constantly cold and wet city needs some loving and attention too! :) Hah, I could do a post called "The 50 Shades of (Manchester) Grey".

Level 10

Nice information. Hope Google also pay more attention to Mapping part of the project in 2019 and enable direct editing for roads again.

I'm proud to make more users familiar with good contributing and make Iran Local Guides community greater in 2018. Also this was really important that by help of the team some deliberate spammers on Google Maps, stopped.

Level 10

Wonderful post @Albry,

We're close to the million of connect local guides.

Last year, I discovered a family through this program .

Thank you Google


Level 7

Hi @Albry #LetsConnect the world more.

Level 8

Hi @Albry@Albry


It feels great to be a part of local guides. Last was wonderful. Connecting with so many local guides, sharing ideas and thoughts. Giving feedbacks and learned so much from the meetup. It was a fun way of meeting and connecting with all of you. 

Can't wait for this year meetups 🙂

Level 7

Hi @Albry

Thank you for the data that you've given.

I'm one of New Local Connect in here.

I'm so glad waiting for the program in 2019.


Best regards,

From Indonesia,South Sumatera,Baturaja

Level 10

Thanks for the update @Albry, impressive numbers.

I'm pleased to have some more time on my hands to be able to participate more and to share my many places my wife and I have visited around the world.

Keep up the good connecting all.

Thank you for sharing this amazing data @Albry

Congratulations all!!!

Level 10

It is a wonderful achievement @Albry 
Since I am registered in November 2017, my total activity coincides with the year of 2018. So this number is very understandable to me.


Thank you for inviting me to Connect Live 2018! My hope is that the new local guide will be invited to Connect Live 2019 after the same steps as me. I hope this opportunity will come to all beginners this year!

Connect Moderator

Wow. Thanks for sharing this. Amazing.

Level 10

Great achievements! And wish  more to come in coming years with mile stones for individuals and Groups!

Level 8


Incredible numbers! It's amazing.

For 2019, I would certainly look to hear about the end users ( beneficiaries) of Google. People who got advantage of Google search or any means. Let's have a Google Searchers coloum, a feed back point.


Thanks & Regards


Google local guides give an opportunity to explore everyone skills,and help people's by giving information regarding that place, it's a great pleasure to work as a local guides in India, thanks google for giving us opportunity,to be the part of your local guides program.

Level 6

@Albry It is great to be a LG here and having a good experience by connecting with you. I am gaining lots of things from the fellow LG's posts and activities@ connect. Thank you all for your goodwill. Looking forward to spend more time here and do the best to the world with you guys. 

Level 8




These numbers speak in volume. It shows how much we are connected with each other and nothing is impossible for us all.


I love interacting and knowing about different local guides, their stories and pics being shared. 


Looking forward to an awesome 2019 with more events, news and happenings. 👍😉

Hi @Albry

Good Morning from Bangladesh and greetings from the Bangladesh Local Guides!

First of all, I am very proud to be a contributor to this International Platform where I can reach my knowledge and expressed my experiences to the world. At the same time, I feel I am working as an ambassador of my country.

I am surprised to saw a huge number of people joined Local Guides and the number is excellent. 

I feel very lucky to be a part of these statistics. 

I hope this community will lead in the future and more and more people will join for contributions. 

Thanks for sharing this with us. 

Thanks again. 




Level 10

Hi, @Albry

Wow! It's great success for local guide community this program is performing nice great contribution of Local Guides is helping others in many ways help to decide better about a place. 

Thanks for sharing this analytical details. 

Level 10

That is awesome number that tell the effort of the community. 

Level 8

2018 is wonderful year for me I learnt so much information for local guides connect platform, thank you @Albry sharing with us...Proud to be an local guide....

@Albry , Indeed year 2018 was really great ! 

I am at Level 8 from Level 6 . I have got lots of oppurtunity to learn and visit new places. 

Thru Local guides connect meetup i have got few friends ( @ambrishvarshney  & @ReshamDas ) in Delhi 

And thanks to you google !   

Level 9

Hello @Albry, thanks for letting us know the updated info. As a Local Guide in 2018, I'm very proud of sharing many photos and answering many question on Google Maps. Hopefully, I will continue my contribution on Google Maps.


Dear @Albry
 Let's #Guide Shre Our Experience  & Help Other's. Make This Earth a Global Village, Peaceful.
Level 8

It's awesome stats! Thank for sharing 'Year In Review 2018' with us @Albry! Great to be a part of Local Guides community.

Level 10

Congratulations to all local guides it was a great year 2018 and @Albry thanks for sharing amazing information with us.

Level 9

Impressive numbers, which are growing more and more Connect both quantitatively and qualitatively. And these numbers are then well supported by the excellent work of everyone working directly or indirectly here on Connect. Excellent results but above all a great job! And for this I would like to thank all of you for making this possible! I'm happy, it will be a beautiful 2019 for all LocalGuides!




Level 9
Wow this great numbers of 2018 Wish 2019 is more numbers to share with us :-)
Level 9

Hi @Albry

Thanks for sharing this info,

Looks like with this community growing, we are making the world a better place, our contribution in one way or another may change lives all around the world, I love contributing and i am so happy knowing the community is growing every day.


Love you all.

yes, we had a great year, and best yet to come :-)

Level 5

Friend,  Philosopher & Guide make a man perfect. 

Level 9

Staggering numbers, @Albry! Our community is a strong and effective one and it makes me so proud and excited to be a part of it!


Aside from having the wonderful opportunity of attending CL 2018, I am proud of sharing my experiences and discoveries on Connect and having them featured. The new Connect has been a beautiful, more functional change from the previous platform and it has allowed others and myself to discover content being shared by others and adding more flair to ours in terms of more visual options. 

Level 6

I hope to do more connecting in 2019. I mainly played a passive role, posting photos. I'm proud of the number of views some of those have received. It's always surprising to see what works.

Level 8

Merci @Albry pour ce bref retour sur l'année 2018.  


J'ai bien apprécié les discussions entre les membres sur #Connect.  J'ai bien aimé participer à ma façon sur #GoogleMaps et Connect, mais ce dont je suis le plus fier, c'est d'avoir joint le programme.  En effet, je suis #LocalGuide que depuis 2018 et je m'applique à faire des corrections sur la carte et écrire des avis sur les lieux que j'ai visités.


Savoir que mes actions peuvent aider d'autres personnes m'apporte beaucoup de satisfaction.


En 2019, je continuerai à faire des corrections sur la carte, écrire des avis et ajouter des photos en espérant que cela puisse faire une différence dans la vie d'un québécois ou d'un visiteur du #Québec .




Level 8

These are really very appreciated you mentioned above. We saw many new featured and support from the team last year.  One of the best change is Connect -02. I love this new look of this forum. Finally, after the release of this new connect we saw its higher popularity worldwide.  

We did so many Activities last year in 2018 with our Local Community.

You may take look there in this post  RECAP 2018 - Cumilla Local Guides!

The best part of our activities was about Accessibility. We did so many Accessibility related Walk last year.

Keep sharing!

Happy Guiding! 

Level 8

Hope 2019 would be the greater year for connect


Connect Moderator

Wohoo! Happy new year:)

Level 9


A smoothe year 2018:((546454.JPG



Hi Google  Local guides 

We are all indirectly doing social work

Great achievements...keep it up. 

Level 6

Wonderful Post @Albry

Hy everybody. Lets grow together to reach higher.


Regards from Indonesia

Connect Moderator

Wow!! this is amazing. thank you for sharing this @Albry

Level 5

Mendpt info mau baik dlm negeri maupun luar...foto. Loc..yg terpenting perkembangan agama kristen

Level 10

@Albry these are staggering numbers.. awesome strength of our Local Guides community. Congratulations to everyone.

Level 8

Hello @Albry


Let's go for another great year :) Wooow thanks for Shearing!!

Level 6

Mi piacerebbe tanto scambiare foto con gli altri 

Level 6

Ciao ....@Albry

Level 8

hi @Albry thank you for sharing this inspiring post. Let's start another great contributions this year.

Level 6

Happy new year

Level 1

Tks !