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How Local Guides are making the world a better place


christinadomingues-DSC00154.jpgCaption: A photo of Local Guides Program Manager @JuanCh speaking during Connect Live 2018.

It’s no secret that Local Guides have an impact in the world. By sharing your knowledge and contributing to Google Maps, you are helping millions of people every day. But did you know that you are also making the world a better place?


During Connect Live 2018, I shared some amazing examples of Local Guides who are creating a positive impact right now. Like Adriano mapping blood donation sites in São Paulo, Sister Maria Louise mapping anti-hunger places, or Anuradha protecting cultural heritage in Sri Lanka.



Connect is also a great platform to start a movement, like @Ilankovan’s Let’s Map Green campaign or @ermest who started a plastic reduction campaign.


We are grateful for these and many more Local Heroes among our global community. You truly are a great inspiration for our team and for fellow creators.


The Local Guides team is also very passionate about trying to do good in the world and making sure that Google Maps is built for everyone. Our vision is to encourage this behaviour in the community by mobilizing Local Guides around the globe to do good in the world both proactively and in times of crisis.


Over the past few years, we’ve run some amazing campaigns to support this cause:



It is our intention to continue on this path and as we are getting into 2019, we’d love to know what causes motivates you. Please share your story with us in the comments below.

Level 10

Proud to be part of the hero family!!!!

Level 9

Hello @JuanCh

Thank you for sharing your post with us. I think it was a great event and everybody enjoy it. Local Guides contributing on google maps and millions of people are using the google maps. I feel very happy as a google local guides.

We add locations and photos and they are viewed by millions of people. Thats so great and our children will feel proud of it. 

Level 8

very nice post @JuanCh , i feel proud to be a part of this global community

in middle east , europe and all the world  now we must work on raising awareness of the situation of refugees throughout the world 

In Partnership With Google, it's time to think

World Refugee Day , 2018 refugees bazaar Recap


Level 7

I didn't attend this event but after seeing some highlights I really feeling proud @JuanCh. It is really very amazing and great work to just update Google Maps every single day it really impacts a lot to our community I  routine life. Thank you for such a wonderful post.

Level 6

I am very joyful to be part of this community where I am getting this opportunity to help other through this platform.

Level 8

Dear @JuanCh 

wow ! What an inspirational post for us and I am really happy to part of this wonderful family. I love to share my initiative with you that i arrenage a talk with them about awareness of social media using. I wish google maps and google will encourage us more to do something different for them. Now I focused on social media awareness cause they are child also in rural area if we can’t Guide then they will lost their path. 








Here I have added few moments what I am doing with them...Hope will get feedback from you. Thanks in advance 


i will I’ll share more via a blog post soon. 

Level 7

Great opportunity for us (Local Guides).

We make world more closer by map.

Thanks @JuanCh for motivation.


Level 8

It’s also worth noting that anyone who is abusing the program/platform is similarly amplified.

One Local Guide reviewed the local Holocaust Museum after a negative experience, and in his 2-star review, made an off-color, appallingly-inappropriate joke about how the museum should have its employees (most of whom are volunteers who lost family in The Holocaust) wear ‘brown shirts.’

I don’t know algorithmically how much weight is given to LGs, but I know until I reported the review, it had a badge conspicuously displayed next to it, and it appeared on the knowledge pane a number of different time I searched for it across several devices.

I encourage everyone to report offensive or off-topic remarks etc, especially by other Local Guides. As much as making good content of one’s own can be beneficial, helping to identify and remove someone else’s terrible content can be just as good for the users.

Connect Moderator

Hi @JuanCh,


Making a better world and making Maps better to reflect our world are always in my heart.


This year, HK LocalGuides had been doing Giving Blooding LG meetups - three times in total.  @TonyChu can tell us more about the developments and stories.


There is a bigger plan for next year.  HK LGs are working with TW LGs to do synchronized GivingBlood days through out 2019.  As we should amd we can GivingBlood regularly, once per 4 month is a good target.


We have choosen Jan 26, 2019 for our first meetup date.  @HankTu_韓森博一 is working to bring more Cities in Taiwan to join.


@TonyChu is working to spread the  message in HK.


So far, we have a draft poster for the 1st meetup of this year long plan.1539987816111.jpg



I am thinking about  how to involve more LGs to join this effort.

Connect Moderator

Edit due to duplicated posting.

Level 9

@JuanCh thanks so much for this recap! It was amazing listening to you and meeting you in person! I absolutely love the video, you guys made a great job! Thanks again for everything you do for us and did for all the attendees at the Connect Live event! 

Hope to meet you again!

Level 8

Nice post @JuanCh we are all like local guide family,,Thank you for sharing with u...

Level 10

Wow! Nice post @JuanCh thanks for sharing with us.

Level 8

This is so cool! Helping people make more informed choices is something that I feel strongly for, as well as helping those who are not as privileged! 

Level 7

Feel proud after reading this post.  i want to share something about my experience how i become local guide what encourage me to be  local guide. Me and my brother had a tragic bike accident 6 months ago i was save but my brother had injured. We were at that location where we had not found any clinic or hospital physicaly then i searched hospital on google map and by filering i found clinic and got doctors number then i called and reach to the hospital for first treatment. So i want to thank google map and a local guide who added that clinic and full information of about clinic which helped me allot. After That i have started following and searching about google map and become a local guide now i am level 7 local guide have started helping people. @JuanCh 

Level 8

Here in Pakistan, no business is properly maintaing their Google My Business listening. My goal and aim for 2019 is to make sure every business in my city is fully equipped to handle that :) 

Level 7

These are the stories that motivated me a lot. Before getting to know them, I didn't even think how great the impact to the community can be.

Level 7

Thank you @JuanCh , I'm also proud to be a part of this community.  I am happy because my hobby is useful for millions of people around the world.

Level 10

Nice description about what Local Guides can do to make the world better.

Being a local guide is really good opportunity to be more responsible about the world and society. ❤️

Level 10

Dear @JuanCh it's very inspiring post for Google Local Guides. Thank you so much for sharing with us!

Level 2
Hello Everyone ☺️
Im new here and im grateful to be part of this community...

Thanks google!

Fantastic work done by so many Local Guides! Thanks for highlighting them to us! Always great to see such inspirational work being done!

Level 9

@JuanCh This is great, we can use this wonderful community to serve the world in different ways. 

Level 10

Hi, @JuanCh

This is the right place for helping others and improving the better way of social lives making right decision about places institutes through reviwr pics and videos uploaded by local guides thats are continuing improving map to provide knowledge. 

Thanks for sharing 

Level 8

 Thank you @JuanCh for this post ,which encourage the local guides.

I am proud,that there are people who can can give us a great inspiration .


Level 8

I am very proud to be a part of this communitry and trhanks for your great report from the conect live 2018 @JuanCh

Happy Guiding !

Level 8

this is beautiful !! 🙂

Level 8

@JuanCh Thanks for the motivation to all Local Guide. I'm feeling proud to help people with map.

Level 8

@JuanCh This is a nice Post of @AnuradhaP doing a fine job here 

and being @ermest My map Worldwide editor is a great pleasure.

And will be taking part with from Perth Western Australia Here 

Thank you @JuanCh for sharing this with us

Level 9

Thanks for sharing this nice post with us. @JuanCh

Level 6

Very nice!

@JuanCh Mostly to help others & improving maps day by day :) 

Level 1

Great job everyone

Connect Moderator

Thank you @JuanCh for this post, that highlight the great activities of Local Guides for making our world a better place, and the huge potential that we Local Guides have.

It was really amazing to see how much we love to work together, with this in mind we can do a lot.

Connect Moderator

@JuanCh Thanks for sharing all these amazing stories that Local Guides are really making a difference in the world. We hope to work on more projects this and in the  upcoming year.

Level 6

Causes that are most dear to me are:


HIV/AIDS Research

Environmental Sustainability 


Thank you for asking!

Level 8

Always am proud to be a local Guide

Let's continue this good work family 

Level 8

@JuanCh Loved your speech at CL2018. Here's a few I think quick changes you could easily implement. Most are feature requests that empower both owners and local guides to contribute.


    Locally produced farm produced items fruit, veg, that does not go via global trade chains has higher nuitritional value (as the fresher it is, the more nuitrition it has) and with fractionally smaller mileage from farm to end user there's less direct and indirect pollution.

    Add in Google My Business if the establishment offers zero km produce and the percentage quantity of produce offered (as a whole of their offering). 

    Awareness. Places offering near entire zero km produce maybe filtered and consumers empowered knowing their spending is helping with carbon offsets.

    Presently it is very difficult to find a place to take mainly your 'dog' out with you to eat out. I can't tell you how much time I've spent finding this for meeting up my dog loving chums.

    If you are travelling outside your town / country - this helps you find a pet friendly hotel to a restaurant. Some places also offer animals drinking water and food outside their establishments. 

    Business owners and local guides add a pet friendly tag to their establishment (cat / dog / multianimal stickers) plus if food and drink is offered.

    There are many independent websites and various Google lists for this subject. The trouble is maintainance of these lists. Making it editable and 'real time' means that pet owners and their friends organising outings are very likely to come across a relevant pet friendly place. 


    To show environmentally friendly public and private transport routes to avoid the centre of town (therefore congestion) routes to city centre reduce air pollution.

    Having these routes marked as an alternative than congesting in the centre of a city etc, would be ideal. A maps user can be shown routes between A and B, and also be presented with the greenest route to avoid city congestion

    Having a check in when following these routes would be a nice un-tangible profile achievement.

    Drop off points (normally big containers) to donate anything to an official charity - these include clothes, food etc. This is useful to know where to drop off items you no longer need, you are moving/moved house and need to drop off dead weight, or you just want to give.

    A frequent question in a lot of city forums which is easily answered in Google Maps. Right now charity containers are not marked. Some countries have collection points which appear to be for a charity, but are not.

    To avoid confusion, drop off for charity / non charity are CLEARLY marked on the map preferaly with an icon. Any containers are marked as owned by a charity will need to be 'claimed'. 

    For people moving house at short notice may want to drop everything off to charity, rather than dumping it at last notice. In addition, some charities come and collect. This stops massive wastage. 

    Knowing between donating clothes for second hand which a charity will put to good use, rather than a second hand private dealer masquerading from goodwill under the guise of a charity. 
Level 9

there r so many ways that LGs can do together to make world better~!!

Level 8

Hello @JuanCh read my post "Location sharing campaign with pilgrims in Bangladesh" https://www.localguidesconnect.com/t5/General-Discussion/Location-sharing-campaign-with-pilgrims-in-...


Level 5

I feel happy to help someone, it's a great platform where u can share own experience which help millions of people. Thanks Google to give us a chance to be a memorable part this world.

Love u team Google .. ... 

Level 2

I am really proud to be with this community.

Level 7

@JuanCh thanks for the motivation speech. 

Connect Moderator

We are really proud to be a part of this big community. Yes!! Local Guides always making our world a better place in many ways :) thanks for sharing this @JuanCh :)

Really really great work done by local guides all over the world.

Kudos to all of us.

Feeling proud to be in the team

Thanks for sharing this post @JuanCh

I would like to highlight public places with clean bathrooms where pilgrims can take a shower or ladies can feel safe when they use them. There are many Venezuelan walkers on the routes between Cúcuta and beyond Bogotá, who try to reach the border of Ecuador, many of them with babies or children, so it would be good if they found on Google maps the places, even shelters, where they could cool off and take a breath. This is an example that could work and help to other people in refugee status.

Me hubiese encantado conocerlo personalmente, Juan. No tuve la oportunidad de compartir con Ud. durante el CL2018 debido a la gran cantidad de personas con las que interactué. Por eso aprecio este tipo de publicaciones en las que podemos dejar nuestras ideas y seguir colaborando con la comunidad. Saludos desde la frontera colombo-venezolana.

I like to share or add new place, experiences as a Google local guide member.

I will do this,until my death.

I think this will help people to know the   world.

Also,i feel proud to be a member of this great local guide family.    

Level 8

@JuanCh Thanks for sharing such amazing local guides stories. 

Yesterday I visited a local hospital after a while and I met some familar faces there, happy to meet with my doctor friends, nurses again. It's been more than a year local guides video team has recorded my local guides video series here at this Hospital. Memories revisited. 

Encantado de formar parte de ésta grandiosa familia (Local Guide)

Compartiendo experiencias, y los diferentes lugares que nos rodean.

Juntos hacemos una excelente comunidad de reconocimiento!


Fantástica presentación @JuanCh