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How Google Maps is celebrating the Asian Games


For the first time since 1962, the Asian Games are being held in Indonesia. Thousands of athletes from nations across Asia have traveled to Jakarta and Palembang to compete. Local Guides like you are sharing your excitement about the Asian Games on Connect, so here are more ways you can get in on the action using Google Maps.


Screenshot 2018-08-20 at 11.35.35 PM.pngCaption: An image that shows Atung navigating a route on Google Maps.Navigate with Atung

Atung, one of the friendly Asian Games mascots, will help you find the best route on Maps when you search for directions in Jakarta and Palembang. Just start navigation and opt into this special feature by tapping GO FOR GOLD when the notification pops up. Then, Atung will lead the way!


Use indoor maps to find your seat in the stadium

Spend less time trying to find your way and more time enjoying the competition by using indoor maps of event venues throughout the games. Simply zoom in on a venue to see the indoor floor plan. You’ll also be able to search within the venue once you’re fully zoomed in.



Screenshot 2018-08-20 at 11.06.28 AM.pngCaption: An image of the Explore tab on Google Maps showcasing foodie lists in Jakarta.

Explore Jakarta with lists from Local Guides

Jakarta now has foodie lists in the Explore tab of the Google Maps app. Just open the app and swipe up. These lists are curated by our editors and individual Local Guides like you. Yours could be next! Show us the best places to go in Jakarta and Palembang by creating a list using these tips and adding #LetsGuide in the Description. 

For more info about how to stay up to speed with the 2018 Asian Games, check out Google’s official blog, The Keyword.


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Bisa share bagaimana pengalaman kalian dalam keikutsertaan menyukseskan Asian Game 2018?

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Vijay Desai.

thanks google map and local guides team. all  the feature from google map really helps foreign citizens and many people who come to venue and help them to explore more and find nearby information.. thanks


LRM_EXPORT_20180821_114247.jpgMe and my friends during asian games in aquatic venue



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Wow Google take nice decision...

Google Moderator

Halo @herbizantaka,

Salam Kenal dan Selamat Datang di Connect. 


Saya sangat ingin ikut serta pada acara Asian Games 2018, apalagi setelah melihat pembukaan acaranya yang membuat saya pribadi sangat bangga dengan keragaman Indonesia yang ditunjukkan dalam acara tersebut. Jangan lupa sertakan juga cerita pengalaman Asian Games kamu. 


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Saya akan memindahkan post kamu pada How Google Maps is celebrating the Asian Games thread. 

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Google's always making awesome, and useful tools for people!

Keep it up!

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Does road network of Indonesia updated on the Google Maps? It would be very sad if people can see beautiful staduim on Maps, but Google's directions lead to nowhere...

In Poland new freeways are added to GMaps after 2-3 months. Local roads need a lot of time, too. I never know should I report lack of road every day to speed up the drawing process or do it only one time (and to be uncertain whether this road will ever be on maps or not)...

Two years after closing Map Maker there is still no working tool to add missing road to GMaps.




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It's a good idea to make people at very closer on most amazing moments inside the stadium and keep the community up to date with traffic control road situation and get quick direction to lead a specific place 

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Your information is valuable and Thank you @AriMar for sharing

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Hallo @AriMar @AbdullahAM@Irfansalamat Sangat bagus untuk kontribusi saat event sebesar asian games. 

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Gran iniciativa google maps. Esto me recuerda aquella vez que sacaron su paltaforma con pokemons n.n


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@AriMar this is an informative post.


You keep updating us with the latest on Google Maps.. Thank you.

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What a great update from google, thanks @AriMar for sharing this. 

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Welcome to Indonesia, Asian Games 2018 Go For Gold INDONESIA Atung is a Bawean deer (Hyelaphus Kuhlii) who represents speed. Atung wore a sarong with a tumpal motif from Jakarta.
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Sangat berguna dan bagus, Terima kasih.

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thanx you dear Thank you very well for understanding

The Asian Games is a epic moment for Asia, especially for Indonesia, thanks Google Map and Local Guides @AriMar who provide lots of features of Maps, Information and updates about Result, Schedule, Venues, Street View, road closures and etc. 

This is all list of Asian Games Sports Venue ,  @Przemo hope it can help to see the directions


Street View highlight about Asian Games



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Very helpful. Many thanks

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Super Post

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Google is the leader in space communications and is the reason why the world around you seems to you that it is a small village that communicates with whomever you want and everywhere and whenever you hope to hire me I love this great giant company

@AriMar really great to explore the city for tourist and players also who came from abroad &  this indoor maps is a good way for people finding their seats :)

Great issue @AriMar Many thanks for this post.
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Something beautiful, you are wonderful

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Not easy but successfully 

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acara yang luar biasa

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Really amazing.

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Google keep up the great work!! 

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Woww , good think Google . Share asian game's locations and stadium places other guy's they will be reaching in current time.thank you Google.
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In my country Indonesia, successful and smooth #siapakita!!

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@AriMar this is awesome 😍

Really amazing 

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.             .

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Google maps are to give me many directions when I travel to many cities.

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영감이 떠어르며 너무 재미습니다

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I am lucky, coz I was there as a participant in a Youth workshop in the Ministry of Sports and Youth. I also got a message from the Google that which road will be closed for the Asian Games Opening. 

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Ever highlights.

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This is Awesome!!

The photograph is no easy to find a route and not even it taken the natural picture which will guide us. 

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Wow ! Thank you your information !

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 @AriMar This is amazing

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Nice..good idea

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I had a chance to meet a few of the wrestlers there. If you're interested, see this link: