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Have you created a great list on Google Maps?


02-insaneviews_LG.jpgCaption: A graphic that shows a phone featuring a “Restaurants with Great Views” List over a photo of the New York City skyline.

Hey everyone! I’m Andrew and I’m the Product Manager for lists on Google Maps. I had such a great time recently at Connect Live, and since then, I’ve been thinking that I really need to ask our amazing Local Guides some more questions. So here they are!


Have you ever created and published a list on Google Maps? Take this survey and tell us more about a list you’re proud to have made.


Your response to this survey will help us shape the future of lists on Google Maps, so thank you in advance!

Level 10

Thank you so much @Andrew_C ,

I just submitted the survey, and the best part, I learn how to make a list, by your feature and the survey.

Thank you so much for guidance. 


Awesome, thanks @Kashifmisidia!

Level 8

Hi @Andrew_C I haven'nt created and published any list yet, so unfortunately I am not able to give enough inputs on this survey at this moment. But I have been planning to create some lists and make them public. First one would be Best Restaurants with Local (Bangladeshi) Dishes in Dhaka followed by Top ten Family Friendly Restaurants in Dhaka, List of Kids Friendly Weekend Getaways in and around Dhaka and
Wheelchair Accessible Monuments and Historical Landmarks in Bangladesh.  
 Thank you for your useful post     @Andrew_C

Level 7

Hi sir @Andrew_C thank you for this post at least I  learnt how to make list. But truly speaking I never make any list on Google Maps. 


Thanks for the feedback @Safdarrai, let me know if you get a chance to use the feautre :)


Hey @AhsanBulbul, these sound like some awesome lists! If you create them please set them to public by going to "..." (top right of the screen) > Sharing options > Public. We'd love to see them!

Level 6

Hey @Andrew_C thanks for sharing, I used to save places for me, but now I will start sharing it. Already shared a place with a public list.


Very cool, @SinghTravels! Hope you find it useful!

Level 8

@Andrew_C, I can't take this survey because I'm G Suite user who didn't get this feature for a long time. are there any plan that this feature will be released for G Suite users?

Level 8

She @RivaniRahmadani@ did. Would you take this survey? 😁�


thanks for your tag @iorikun301

And  I have filled out the surve @Andrew_C


Hey @Fachry_My_ID, my team is working on G Suite support for you! :)


Wow @iorikun301 & @RivaniRahmadani team work! *high five*! Thanks for filling in the survey!

Level 8

@Andrew_C glad to hear it! When that feature to release for G Suite user?

Level 7


Thanks for this great information.

Yet, not created one, but shall and share link with others.


Thanks & Regards


Level 10

Great to see your post @Andrew_C I like the map list and I have created 7 so far. I have completed the survey. I have a feature request which I posted on Connect Idea Exchange a while ago and it is still open for voting. I would like paste the link to the post again here

Thank you @Andrew_C for your great idea.

Yes, i have created approximately 20 private list about different types of places. Special one is "want to visit" and it is a long list.

Level 8

Alreay submitted. Thanks for sharing @Andrew_C! I hope the list could be able to embedded on the blog.

Level 8
Oh yes! My favorite from Gmaps. I'm already submitted my answer
Level 8
Ya saya pernah membuat dafyar di google msps, tapi belum lengkap.

Begitu penghargaanny ngkah daftar buat google maps ?.

Demikian untuk sementara komentar saya. Salam.
Level 8
Ya saya pernah membuat daftar di google msps, tapi belum lengkap.

Sebegitu penting daftar buat google maps?.

Demikian untuk sementara komentar saya. Salam
Level 7

Hello @Andrew_C


Amazing, Thanks for Shearing.

I just submitted the survey.

Level 8

Thanks a lot @Andrew_C for this great idea. 

I just submitted the survey form and left couple of ideas/suggestions. I must say, the form is short but very well designed to get the most info out of it. 



Connect Moderator

Muy buena iniciativa @Andrew_C, creo que listas tiene que tener una vuelta de rosca más, ya que tal como está, por lo menos en mi caso, le faltan elementos para que realmente sea popular, y se use en forma masiva.

Usualmente creo la lista pero al poco rato me doy cuenta que me queda corta y terminó creando un mapa personalizado, donde tengo en forma visual los sitios de mi interés. Es verdad que un mapa personalizado es un poco más complejo de realizar en un móvil, pero me da una experiencia mucho más rica y satisfactoria.


Aquí algunas sugerencias de mejora que planteé para listas, cuando las usaba en forma intensiva.


Categorías - para Tus Sitios guardados

Cantidad de vistas - para tus sitios guardados

Habilitar comentarios - para tus sitios guardados


Las listas son una gran opción, cuando al principio se comenzó a promocionar su uso, sugerí varias ideas para que me faciliten su uso, aquí algunas de ellas, de hecho en el tablero en español con LuisR, comenzamos a recopilar todas las listas que sean relevantes


[Listas] Comparte con todos tus listas de lugares en GMaps


Ha ya completé el formulario, una duda, luego de hacerlo me dejaba completarlo nuevamente, quizás tendría que salir un msg de ya lo completaste 🤷‍♂️


Level 6
awesomeee <3
Level 8

Hi Local Guides family.


I'm just starting my new list, with a new resource (hashtags).


Best regards from Brazil!

Level 8

My Amiga @lucianavelasques has useful lists. :)


Best regards.

Level 8

resepected @Andrew_C

i have just share my list . 

Thanking you @Tejal

Level 5
Thank you @Andrew_C for your tag and survey
Level 8

Hello @Andrew_C I'm saved list for my personal use only ,i did not shared anyone else ,and iam just submitted my survey Thank you for sharing with us...

Thanks @Andrew_C for sharing this post with us. Really I learnt many thing from all googler posts. All googler time to time give the many tips to guides through his incridble and informatic post.

Thank you again.

Level 10

Hi @Andrew_C.. Your Article help me a lot to learn that how to make List on Google and how we'll manage it in well manners. Currently I was unable to suggest anything but in near future Insha-Allah i'll contribute it. Thanks

Level 7

 Awesome, Thank you @Andrew_C for sharing with us.

Level 8

Survey completed. I'm very excited about LGs being able to share their expertise via lists, and am also looking forward to discovering places via other people's lists. 

where is the list icon to do one ? 


This awesome Survey i am always support Google maps to sharing with all Google maps.I am complete my fill up survey thank You so much @Andrew_C 

Terima kasih @Andrew_C sudah mengingatkan saya untuk membuat list di Google Maps, saya sudah lihat survey kamu dan setelah ini akan lebih rajin lagi membuat list. 


Have a nice day

Level 10



My created list's is private and Only one is Public list on Google Maps,

Just Taken this survey and completed..

I m not claim that I had Proud to make that.. but I Tried..


Regards From Mumbai..

Level 10

Sure @Andrew_C, I've done some list and maps...

Movie sets in Rome:

Best Pizza in the world:

Best climbing spots for me:

Hi, I have submitted the survey . I use to save list in private . Well I learnt and found it useful to keep it public 


Level 7

 Hey @Andrew_C thanks for sharing, I have saved places in different lists and they are public too. Do let me know if I can be of any help.

Level 8

Great to see Google promoting lists. Lists can serve to be a great feature. Creating lists of great restaurants, popular markets, tourist hotspots, public toilets, etc can be really useful for the user.

I have created few lists myself and made them public. Hope to see them in the explore tab so others can follow them.

@Andrew_C@I submitted the survey, I think the list are amazing, but we need to found a way to share this better

Level 10

Hi @Andrew_C

I have a map that registers thousands of points. But I am suffering from moving this to the list. Is there a better way?

Osaka and Kyoto Maps
Taiwan Maps

Bonjour @Andrew_C

Please tell me more about this list how to make, and how to post

@Haruki thank you friend, here my post with the lists on maps about  Garbage Collection Jaraguá do Sul

Level 7

Great ideas here!

So far I have been using lists for my famly and  my use - mostly private - but you guys have sure got me thinking!

Would love to help newbies {and even inactive locals} of the going ons in their neighborhood!



Level 6

Hi @Andrew_C it would be awesome if you could share with us a short tutorial or link to "how to create a list" then I am more than happy to submit the survey.





Level 9

Hello @Andrew_C, Thank you for sharing this useful post with us. Yes, I have created some list on Google Maps.


I have just submitted my entry to the survey @Andrew_C. It was really fun to create lists and share with my local community and visitors to my city. It makes me proud that they are able to locate the places to be visited more easily and with confidence!


Have also given a suggestion to add 'Featured Lists' feature to Maps directly.


Praveen Thirumurugan.