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Google Person Finder and SOS Alerts have been activated in Kerala


Our thoughts are with those in Kerala, India, who are facing severe floods and landslides. Google has activated Google Person Finder to help track missing people:


Use this link to SOS Alerts to get emergency information and to stay updated on the latest news in Kerala:


39289426_2226289280938839_1983629095174406144_o.jpgCaption: A screenshot of Google Person Finder being used to locate someone during the Kerala flooding.



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Dear @ArunMuralidhar @varghese @Sanjay_viswa @Dhipin @FuvadShah @Attokkaran @bijusreekumar @Hyderali @Rasi @JoseVarghese,

We all are in different parts of the world.. But still, please update... How we can be of any help or support to this cause..

Prayers to God almighty for the safety of everyone in this planet..

Very sorry to hear the latest updates of dozens of people losing life..


Dear all..

Let us all try ...


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This year the monsoon has been particularly bad, no doubt highly because of accumulative climate change. As per the last many many years, rains will start to slow down towards the end of August. So, in the mean time, we who are outside of Kerala can keep everyone there in our prayers. 

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Dear All,

"KERALA, (India) is flooding & is in distress!!

How can we all "HELP" or "SUPPORT"..?

Really sorry to understand the grave situation.. Details in Wiki.  & Google.

Let us join hands to help the needy, in time...


Kerala Floods (4).jpgKerala Floods (1).jpg

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Kerala is flooding & is serious situation.

Munnar, one of the top Hill stations of Kerala is disconnected, for a temporary period - Travelers, kindly check the current status

Situation may continue till 16th, August, is the information..

All are welcome to help the needy...



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Thanks @TravellerG

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Hello Google Local Guide Friends....our KERALA is facing a huge flood threat for the past few days....Flooding at its extreme level...I have collected some Panoramic Shots of such places...I am sharing the links of few spot...Please pray for our KERALA



1st Panoramic spot from Kottayam District,76.5830363,0a,75y/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sAF1QipNzN1TJPMDjZ6bibPS... Check out Flood Affected KERALA(Kottayam District) Shared via the #StreetView app


2nd Spot from ALAPPUZHA,76.5155029,0a,75y/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sAF1QipMeyncsoDy8JtaTvaaG... Check out 360° view of Flood Affected area of ALAPPUZHA(Kidangara) Shared via the #StreetView app



3rd spot,76.5830464,0a,75y/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sAF1QipPxc_5gdheXG3rT9sd... Check out Flood Affected KERALA(Kottayam District) Shared via the #StreetView app


4th spot..,76.516251,0a,75y/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sAF1QipMZl6u2eyNmtLUSz7qR... Check out 360° view of Flood affected area of ALAPPUZHA(Kerala) Shared via the #StreetView app



5th spot....,76.5162409,0a,75y/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sAF1QipMWwPGwarOuHxFySlM... Check out 360° view of Flood Affected area of ALAPPUZHA Shared via the #StreetView app




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My symphthy with you and people of Kerala.

Awesome photos.

Wishing you Happy Independence Day.


Vijay Desai.

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Hi @VijayDesai...Thanks for the response...Include us in your Prayers...

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Can we of any help.. ?







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Very sad to hear this @TravellerG be safe mate.

Google Moderator

Hello @TravellerG,


We are very sorry about the Kerala flood. We send all our hopes and wishes for the most positive outcome possible.


I understand this is a very concerning topic and I am following news about Kerala. I'll merge all your posts on the subject together just so we are able to follow the outcome. 


You can keep us posted in the Kerala (India), Needs help.. How can we help??? thread.

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Thank you, dear @IrrPavlova

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What will happen to Kerala and South India if Mullaperiyar Dam breaks?

1) Under water sea cable for internet connectivity connects India to rest of the world , thats only in Cochin. If Cochin Goes Down, South Indian IT Hub will come to a stand still. All the gateway CISCO routers , switches etc in Kakkanad will float in Arabian Ocean. IP packets from Bangalore, Chennai etc will not cross the ocean.

2) Cochin Refineries – Which refines petroleum products and services most of South India. If it is washed away, TamilNadu, Karnataka and Andhra has to find much more expensive options for Petroleum Refineries.

3) Kerala will be in complete darkness for ages, no TV, no Internet, no Mobile towers, once the Idukki hydro electric power plant is washed away, resulting from Mullaperiyar collapse.

4) Kerala will be divided into two lands, impacting geography of India, and washing away an area of vast bio diversity, along with 30 lakh people. Serving rest of the people with food and other stuffs will be an extremely tedious task.

5) Port City of Cochin, will not be in world map anymore. Vallarpadam port will be a history, all of South India has to again depend on Colombo for Mother ships , a very expensive option.

6) Tamil Nadu will not get water for irrigation or drinking anymore, as stored water in Mullaperiyar dam will flow to the ocean, when the dam collapses.

7) Along its course, the water current will wash Idukki Dam, and many many Industries , Factories, IT Parks, Hospitals, Ports, Cochin City, temples, mosques, churches etc etc to the Arabian Ocean.

8)A disaster 180 times terrific than Hiroshima. This is not exaggeration. Spread this, my friends. Information is power. Kerala as well as Tamil Nadu are stakeholders in this issue. More than us, its normal Tamil people(excluding power-hungry politicians) who need such info. We need our brothers and sisters across the border to pressurize their own politicians to consider this as a humanitarian crisis, rather than an inter-state dispute.

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You are very true.. @junoza @StephenAbraham @IrrPavlova @PaulPavlinovich

Many ordinary people are worried and scared..

Really do not know, what to do...

God save..



Google Moderator



It's a disaster truly. We hope for the best possible outcome of the situation.


I'm merging your post with Kerala (India), Needs help.. How can we help???


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Thank you @junoza for a detailed facts.....

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Hi @IrrPavlova...Thank you for the response..

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Dear Friend @HAMDHASH360

Let us all pray for the safety of all in this planet, especially in Kerala.

God bless all...



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Nice job team!


Best regards!



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@AriMar, thanks. It is really a good job.

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@StephenAbraham, check this out and share.




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@AriMar @KarenVChin Thanks for posting this. 

This is being shared with many of the NGO's and help organizations out there on the ground. The situation is really bad and challenging there.


Did a similiar post yesterday here.


The other 2 sites that is being maintained by the Kerala government is here (just sharing for others who might be reading this post).







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Well Done Google Team.🙏

With Best regards, 


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My dear all local guides and Honourable Moderators,

Let's help the flood effected people of Kerala, India.

Kerala needs our help. Contribute to flood relief.

1) Kerala State Government Rescue site. And also click the link for official traceable and audit-able contribution.




2) Google has started with partnership of the Kerala Government a Person Finder site to report and find missing persons in light of the state-wide massive floods that has caused massive challenges and displacement of people around the state. The site will support both English and Malayalam.





3) And for the list of contact numbers of agencies


With best regards,


Thanks @AriMar thanks for all local guide 

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Very Needful move by our "GOOGLE"...Its the need of the hour & day....Google Maps help the KERALA effectively & accurately

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Great app! 

Hope that everything will be resolved in the best way as soon as possible!



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@Buddhadeb Thanks.


Just adding on how best to help, and where to get help.


3 main online sites.


1) Kerala State Government Rescue site. And also click the link for official traceable and audit-able contribution.




2) Google has started with partnership of the Kerala Government a Person Finder site to report and find missing persons in light of the state-wide massive floods that has caused massive challenges and displacement of people around the state. The site will support both English and Malayalam.





3) And for the list of contact numbers of agencies





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Just updating another online resource on where to locate important resources during this flood in Kerala through a user maintained MyMaps

Kerala Flood Resources Link (Click Here)


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Thank you Sir, @StephenAbraham

For your kind information.

Please sir,

Make me best Local Guide by the help of your valuable and teachable guide.

Thank you so much.

Yours obediently,


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Welcome move by Google. Very good arrangements, to help the people of Kerala. 


Many Thanks.


Vijay Desai.

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A big step by google to help peeople,may this problem is resolve soon.

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Thanks Google for this great noble initiative! 


@AriMar thanks for sharing.





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The Person Finder was useful for many people including me due to the 2011 East Japan great earthquake.
I pray for the safety of the disaster area.

Google Moderator

Hi @TravellerG,


We wish everyone the best in Kerala.


To help keep the conversation in a single place so others may easily find the information they need, we are merging your discussion into Google Person Finder and SOS Alerts have been activated in Kerala.

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I am Jinoy from Kerala.


Currently we a small team is updating the list of all volunteers, rescue team, relief camps, transportation facilities, food and water suppliers, medical teams in maps of google. Its listed here


If anyone wants to volunteer to add information/ have information to add. For more information, contact me privately on Private message


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Kerala,India is witnessing its worst flood crisis in a century as hundreds of people have died. Thousands of people are in rescue camp. The entire districts of the state in red alert. 33 dams are opened. Plase pray for Kerala.unnamed (1).jpg






































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बहुत सराहनीय कदम ।

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Dear all..

The situation looks to be stable..and improving; but still many people are struggling for Drinking Water & food..

Also, many agencies and organisations + individuals are helping...

But, somewhere else, the fear is ....



Let us hope for the best,


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Thank you @AriMar for the information.

We have to utilise each and every technology that opens the avenue of rescue.

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My dear all friends(local guides),

Let's pray for Kerala.

I am really shocked,

When I see the photos of "Flood condition in Kerala" in social media and news agency.

Please donate for relief. It is my heartily request. Special thanks to Google for many help.

Please contribute for latest update.

Thanks all,


N.B.  I enclosed some collected photos from social networking sites below.

FB_IMG_1534747463483.jpgFlood effected area in Kerala


FB_IMG_1534747430301.jpgFlood effected area in Kerala


FB_IMG_1534747461118.jpgFlood effected area in Kerala


FB_IMG_1534747427386.jpgFlood effected area in Kerala


FB_IMG_1534747458562.jpgFlood effected area in Kerala


FB_IMG_1534747423693.jpgFlood effected area in Kerala


FB_IMG_1534747455543.jpgFlood effected area in Kerala


FB_IMG_1534747452785.jpgFlood effected area in Kerala


FB_IMG_1534747450144.jpgFlood effected area in Kerala


FB_IMG_1534747447055.jpgFlood effected area in Kerala


FB_IMG_1534747474818.jpgFlood effected area in Kerala


FB_IMG_1534747442112.jpgFlood effected area in Kerala


FB_IMG_1534747471189.jpgFlood effected area in Kerala


FB_IMG_1534747439504.jpgFlood effected area in Kerala


FB_IMG_1534747468815.jpgFlood effected area in Kerala


FB_IMG_1534747436703.jpgFlood effected area in Kerala


FB_IMG_1534747466221.jpgFlood effected area in Kerala


FB_IMG_1534747433538.jpgFlood effected area in Kerala


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Yes, dear @Buddhadeb & @StephenAbraham

Really it is a shock..!!!

We all are trying our best, to extend the maximum help to all suffering.

God's grace, things are coming under control and rescue operations are progressing..

Presently, focusing on post flood rehabilitation

Honestly, now it is not MONEY OR FOOD... It is capable "WORKERS" are the need of the hour (Electricians, Carpenters, Plumbers, Painters, Cleaners, Helper, etc.)


Praying for all..


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The rain is slowing down, and the worst should be over. 
I have not seen the community so much united after a long time. It is during this time that we see so much of unity, love, kindness, bravery, patience, leadership. Kerala will emerge even stronger and more united after this. 

In the mean time, let us all focus on helping out, bringing people back, cleaning up and rebuilding, financing etc.

And a big word of thanks for everyone especially for the incredible Kerala fishermen, the unofficial navy of Kerala, unsung heroes who risked and gave so much to save so many lives. 

This year.. Bakrid, Onam, Diwali, Christmas... may be one of the hardest time in a longest time.. but it will certainly be the most meaningful.. 

When Maveli comes for a visit, he would be so proud of what he sees.


Google Moderator

Hi @Buddhadeb @TravellerG @StephenAbraham


Thank you all for your updates regarding the situation of Kerala. I really hope that the situation will get better and you will have the chance to rise up again after this catastrophe. 


In order to keep you and the other Local Guides regarding the overall situation, I have moved your post into - Google Person Finder and SOS Alerts have been activated in Kerala . 

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Dear @StephenAbraham

You are very correct..

To me personally, next to our defence operation, many volunteer teams, especially "FISHERMEN" Community, saved hundreds of life...

Thanks to everybody..

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I think about the people in Kerala. And I prat for them. So I am really happy that Google has activated people tracking, and I really do hope that people will find their loved ones and eighter be reunited or in the worst think able situation , get a worthy closure. I know from my own life , that there is notthing worse than not knowing   what have happend to your loved ones. Be blessed Kerala. From Norway with love Cathy-da..

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AirAsia will be extending free of cost cargo space to all NGOs sending relief material to Kochi, starting from 29 Aug 2018, once operations commence at Kochi International Airport. PM me for contact details.


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Thanks for the information and Shall inform the Volunteer Groups, immediatly.




Also, in Coorg, Karnataka, the flood situation is supported by the DJI/India Bangalore Chapter (Drone operators) - One Mr. Neel Sagar is coordinating the operation. Professional flying team is supporting to help suffering peole.

Just for your info:


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When does it open in Bangladesh?