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Connect Live’s final 2018 stop: Delhi


This past Saturday, we stopped in Delhi for our final Connect Live event of 2018. We welcomed more than 130 of Delhi’s top contributing Local Guides at The People & Co. for a day full of great discussions, delicious food, and beautiful photography.

Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 12.05.44 PM.pngCaption: A photo of red, orange, purple, green, yellow, and blue wristbands that say “Connect Live DELHI 2018” placed on a wooden table.

The program began with a Googler Panel Discussion where team members from around the world came together on-stage to share their insights on Google Maps in India and how Local Guides continue to help others through their contributions. The panel was comprised of Sr. Program Manager Anal Ghosh (Hyderabad), Sr. Program Manager Nishant Nair (Singapore), Software Engineer Zhi Zhou (Tokyo), and was moderated by Program Manager Sonali Hasija (London).


Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 2.31.18 PM.pngCaption: A photo of panel moderator Sonali Hasija and panelists Anal Ghosh, Nishant Nair, and Zhi Zhou sitting on stage at Connect Live Delhi 2018.


The panel weighed in on India-specific Maps features like 2-wheeler navigation mode and the rise of 360 degree photos. Panelists even shared their personal favorite features on Maps like the ability to share lists with friends.  Attendees then had the opportunity to ask questions and give feedback about the topics discussed.


Afterward, we welcomed Uma Raghuraman, a local food photographer and blogger, to the stage to share her tips on taking photos that capture the colors, textures, and personality of food.


Following the on-stage presentations, attendees divided into three groups to participate in a feedback session. They had the chance to share their opinions with fellow Local Guides and Googlers on how Google can better communicate with Local Guides, how Maps can empower us to travel safer, and how we can fill in the gaps that currently exist within the map.


ACA_9813 (2).JPGCaption: A photo of Googler Sonali Hasija speaking into a microphone to Local Guide attendees sitting in the audience during a breakout session at Connect Live Delhi 2018.

We loved having the chance to hear directly from our Local Guides! This feedback will help us better serve the broader community.

The excitement continued with a Photo Walk through the Cyber Hub where attendees were able to practice their mobile photography skills in a few different settings. Each group stopped at a cafe, bar, specialty store, and an arcade to learn photography tips from local bloggers.


Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 2.30.32 PM.pngCaption: A photo of two people taking a photo of four shot glasses filled with different kinds of beer using their smartphones at Connect Live Delhi 2018.

We concluded the event back at The People & Co. with a happy hour and reception to continue the conversation and connections. There, Local Guides had fun taking and sharing some psychedelic photos from our Kaleidoscope Photo Booth.


Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 2.29.25 PM.pngCaption: A photo of a Local Guide using the Kaleidoscope Photo Booth at Connect Live Delhi 2018.

Connect Live Delhi was a full day of learning, feedback, and fun. What a great way to conclude our 2018 event series! Check out our
Google Photos album to see the highlights from the event.  


We look forward to what Connect Live has in-store for 2019. Stay tuned to learn more!

Level 10

Congratulations to team Google for the wonderful event of connect live Dehli,

It's nice to see many of our local guides from India got chance to learn more.

Thank you @cbos-NYC for sharing.👍👍


Connect Moderator

Thanks for sharing about CL Delhi @cbos-NYC. It's amazing to see how Local Guides from many continents and countries are having the opportunity to be a part of Connect Live :)



Level 8

Hi @cbos-NYC.

It was a wonderful event. I feel lucky that I was able to attend it. Thanks to Local Guides Team for inviting me. Travelling more than 2000km just to attend this great event made my day. It was full of learning and fun. Photo walk was my super favorite. Sessions are just extraordinary. Thank you so much for everything.

The Truth is my days are getting adventurous everyday being a Local Guide. And also I can't resist myself taking about Local Guides Program and Google Maps with Business owners and others whenever possible.


IMG_20181211_235722_880.jpgMe at Connect Live Delhi. :)

Thank you! :)

Level 10

Looks like those who attended had a good time 😀


As for the 2019 Connect Live planning: it would only be common sense to first cover the continents that have not had the privilege to host a Connect Live event, right? If I'm not mistaken, Europe is one of those... and Brussels is definitely one of the cities that offers excellent connections to other European capitals and regions.

Level 10
wow, wonderful RECAP post. thanks for sharing @cbos-NYC. I wish i could be there with you all in this great inteacting session.
Level 7

Wow that's really wonderful Live Connect in Delhi 2018. It is really very big event for those who couldn't attend in San Francisco and Congratulate to them for attending this such great event. I wish I could attend like this event hopefully in South Africa.

Level 8

Amazing!!! Thanks for share and congratulations!!


Best regards

From Brazil!

Connect Moderator

Watching the tour unfold has been awesome. So many local stories and I particularly enjoy how local people are highlighted. Great work Local Guides Team 🤟.

Level 8

Was a great selection of venue ..food walk smash fun effect vr experience ,the feedback sessions, bloggers tips on photography and review writing, Meeting other guides, the food and Bar experience all packed in 6_7 hours of 

Very well planned event.

I have one problem why were the googlers who did so much work not given time to eat?

Level 9

wow amazing event
nice to see you @SalmaanN :)

Level 10

Thanks dear @cbos-NYC for sharing this wonderful recap. 


Hope in the next year,  connect live will take place in every cities,  states and countries. 


I will best luck to the team. 


Level 8

Congratulations to all @@@#localguids to attend #connectlivedelhi and big thanks@cbos-NYC for sharing with us...

Level 9

What an amazing event it was @cbos-NYC. We enjoyed a lot and met many of my friends from India.


A banner inside The People and Co.

Image Credits @SalmaanN

Here is another Recap Post Shared by Me In Meet-up Section. (Recap) Connect Live Delhi - 2018


Thank you. 

Wow looikng awesome but i am try to attend

Level 7

How can meet up in local guide ? 

I m on level 7 .

What is the prcproc of meetup ?.


Level 7

Hey @cbos-NYC


Thanks For Shearing,

Level 10

@cbos-NYC bring one to Hyderabad as well . We need Biriyani in the event .Loved those customised silicon wrist bands.

Hope next time to attend. What was the enrollment process..No update to us.May anyone guide.


Level 8

Hi @cbos-NYC,


Thanks for posting the photos.

Thanks to Google for inviting me to the event. It was a great event indeed. I was amazed to see four of my photos getting displayed when I entered the venue. The event was very well organized. All the sessions and the photo walk were great. I got to learn a lot from the experts.

I feel motivated to contribute more to Google Maps and am excited for similar events in the future.









Level 7

Waoo.... this is a great Meetup , thanks @cbos-NYC for sharing.







Level 10

It's become an awesome experience for all LGs, having Connect Live events in differnt cities. @cbos-NYC you must be enjoying he travels too along with @TiffanyH

Lots of goodies for India LGs and great fun.

I can't wait to see the excitement in Europe, South America, Australia and other cities.

Great job!

Level 8

Wonderful connect live in Delhi we are expecting more in india , thank you @cbos-NYC sharing with us... 

Level 7

It was a lovely event! Loved meeting googlers and influencers. Learnt a lot!

How can we get other pics? The link you shared doesnt have many which were clicked. 

Level 10

Congratulations to all attendees and those who have their photos featured. This Delhi event looks really really nice. 

I love the personalized bottles and hands-on sessions in the photos.

Hi everybody , i was one of the local guides at the event . Few of the images i would like to share



Level 9

Wao Nice clicks dear @Gurdeep_Singh. Thank you for sharing. 

Level 7

@cbos-NYC wow! Thanks for sharing this great event. 

#Congratulations dear localguides  from Delhi :)Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 12.05.44 PM.png








Level 10

Great! Thanks for the official thread @cbos-NYC!

Hope to see a popup event in Rome in 2019! :)

Thanks a lot!

Level 10

@cbos-NYC thank you for conducting Connect Live in Delhi this year. For all the enthusiastic LG's who could not come to SF, this was a fantastic event to celebrate. I'm sure this event will cause lot of excitment in Indian LG's.

The entire event was buzzing with energy. The walkthroughs were organized in a professional manner. Got to visit 4 places in quick time and learn many things, espcially about Food photography & brewery :)


Thanks to Uma Raghuraman for giving us tips on Food photography.


Thanks to Google Connect Live Delhi team. 

Level 7

Good to hear on a great show.

Look forward to know more about new L G happening.

Hi @cbos-NYC , Wow ! Thats really great ! Thanking google for providing such very nice oppurtunity for LGs to learn more. Thanks for sharing this to all. It is inspiring ! 

Kudos to all LGs who got the oppurtunity to participate. 

Thank you very much @cbos-NYC for your post.


Indeed it was a fanatastic experience, a funfilled day with lots of learning for me.


Sharing some of the memories captured here.IMG_20181208_163209279.jpgIMG_20181208_200712.jpgIMG_20181208_190834.jpg

Lots of FUN, Food and Feedback ...


what a FUNTASTIC “F”. Loved it ☺️






















It was awesome experience at local connect.

Lots of FUN, Food and Feedback .. Great time.



Level 8

Hi @cbos-NYC

Issue resolved.....................don't bother.

below is the previous message

It was a pleasure meeting with you and other local guides there. I am Anuj Gupta local guides level 8. Mobile [removed personal information]. On issue is unsolved for me is that my uber gift card is not working. Uber is saying it is used by another person Nandita pal. Please look into the matter and provide me another card. Thanks20181208_181918_927.jpg




Would love to have such kind of events in Nepal too.

Level 7

Thanks for share @cbos-NYC

This Amazing Meet up Delhi LG Connect Live.

Connect Moderator

Me pone tan contento poder leer esto @cbos-NYC, gracias por compartir, poder llevar la experiencia del Connect Live a uno de los paises con mas participantes en Connect es muy lindo, es un gran trabajo el que realizan con poder hacer  este evento. Por lo que se ve en las fotos se divirtieron mucho y lo mas importante varios se llegaron a conocer personalmente, esto lo rescato, ya que cuando pude conocer en persona a muchos con los cuales hablaba por chat o en los post, en el CL18 de San Francisco, lo cambio todo, la experiencia del vivo es lo mejor. 🙂👍👏👏



Google Moderator

Hi @SharifImran,


Thanks for your feedback!


Your post is now available on Connect. I would like to apologize for your post being marked as spam. Our filters run 24/7 and they can be a little harsh at times.


You can visit this article to learn more - Why was my Connect post marked as spam?

Level 9

Feeling unlucky to not have received an invitation despite staying so close to the event venue 😌


That recap of the wonderful event, the Connect Live exclusive edition raised the pain to some more extent 😖


Thank you Google for the event, looking forward to be there maybe next time 🤓


Happy Guiding!

Level 5

Great to know how google is making world a better place to live through better user experience... all the best :)

Connect Moderator

Very nice event. Wish I was there with everyone. Congrats to all that were invited.

Level 9

Thanks for sharing this recap post @cbos-NYC

Level 10

Congratulations to all who attend connect live Delhi 2018 @cbos-NYC thanks for sharing connect live Delhi recap post. 

Congratutions ......... Very Good From Punjab India 

Very informative and fun for all of us in people & Co., at Cyber City. Thanks to Google for enhancing our knowledge about Google Maps & tips and tricks for taking a good photograph. Knowledge given by Googlers was practical and we have to face communication with them. In Delhi NCR we local guides first time meet the googler for making google Map better and knowing the new features of Google map. Local guide were very enthusiastic and joyful from meeting each other thanks to Google for such an event in Delhi. The presents from the Google were also very good and memorable.
We the local guides but this event long long time in our memory, thanks once again Google

Level 7

Please can anybody tell how to know about these events...

Congrats all the qualifiers and great team :-)

Level 8

Thank you very much  @cbos-NYC@for sharing photos and story about Connect Live in Delhi 2018

Congratulations to all local guides in Delhi with this event!