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Big news about reviews: now they’re worth 10 points!

Level 2

We have big news for Local Guides: Now, your reviews on Google Maps are worth twice as many points!


DOUBLEPOINTS_V3.gifCaption: An image showing reviews on Google Maps, with an animated points counter increasing from 5 to 10

That means you’ll get 10 Local Guides points for each review you write, so you’ll reach new levels even faster. You’ll get double points for all your past reviews, too, so this update might have already brought you to a new level!


If you love writing reviews that are packed with helpful info to help people decide where to go, you might be wondering: what about bonus points for detailed reviews? Those are doubling, too. When you write a review over 200 characters, you’ll earn 10 points for the review, plus 10 bonus points for a total of 20.


We’re rolling out this feature over a few weeks. If it seems like it hasn’t taken effect for you quite yet, don’t worry -- it will soon.


We hope you’re excited about this news! Let us know what you think about double points for reviews.


that's great news @HelloJess 😍 thanks! , it's great for people who love and focus on detailed review.Thanks for the information..

besides point, i,m curious why why google map only highlight the short review..on POI? may be google map sholud give extra more space for detail reviews...


Level 10

Thank you @HelloJess


So this is the answer to my questions in the link :




Kind Regards



Level 10

@HelloJess that's great! It definitely motivates me more to write reviews rather than just rate

Level 8

Thanks so much for this good news @HelloJess.I am totally new for localguideconnect.

Kind Regards,

Level 10

Oh, so now it's official :) Many already saw this feature :)

Do you know if will be retroactive @HelloJess?

Level 8

Wooow woow wooow this is incredible update @HelloJess , we wait long time 😁💪🏻Thank you very very very much 😁😁😁

@HelloSamsonR @AkmalB @SalmaanN

@khammami :-))))

Level 8

 Can we give another 20 Points for uploading Videos 😁😁😁😁

@HelloJess 😀😉

Level 10

Whohoo, Thanks @HelloJess. So super excited to hear this news. 

Level 10

@OSAMA and 30 points to 360 photos! :D

Level 8

In my opinion, it would be better if bonus points for detailed reviews are bigger than regular reviews.








Level 8

that is great!!! I love to Review places i go! I read reviews with an open mind, and i am honest with my reviews! it is a bummer to read reviews of people you know are only doing it to give the business bad reputation, hence why i keep an open mind! 

Level 5

muy buena noticias... seguiré contribuyendo con mas ganas xD...

Level 9

Wow ,most awaited news ,such great dedication for those who take their time to write reviews,rather than just ratting the places,

Check out this good news @Haseeb

Level 9

wow I'm so excited now about reviewing more effeciently :)
Thanks for tagging me brother @AkmalB & thanks for the news @HelloJess

Connect Moderator

@HelloJess Great news. More encouragement for the rest of us. Sharing the good news.. @varghese @antosmaman @FuvadShah @Dhipin @Alam_Shaikh @DrShaunak @iDepp @Sudhi @Shirni


Also now we really need new levels.. Can we scale up Level 1 to Level 20? So many are at Level 10 now. :-)

Level 9

@HelloJess amazing news!!!!! I love to write reviews! and new points system is awesome!

Level 9

This is great news! Writing reviews is one of my favorite things about the program - being able to add my own personality while sharing my experiences. Thanks, @HelloJess!

@HelloJess Good to hear about points but can you add some action where we can see which of our reviews are Impacting and which are not what exactly people are looking in reviews? 

Level 7

Waooo That's an amazing News. Thank you @HelloJess for sharing with us. Great opportunity for a local guide who like to write a big review.

Level 9

Indeed it is a great encouragement

Thanks for mention me @OSAMA

Level 7

Good news for reviewers

Level 10
woooohooooo more points!!!!
Level 10


Great to see the encouragement for more reviews, and especially for those of us who just can't but write long reviews.  Gladdens my heart to see it takes effect for previous reviews too!


Suggestion: a few points for helpful reviews would be great too.  Goes to validate the quality of a review.

Level 8

@HelloJess Amazing decision from Google maps. Helps more people to concentrate on writing review. And also the places will get great feedbacks and opinions. 


Happy Guiding


Level 9

Wowww... 10 points for review!!! 

That's a great news.

Thanks for sharing with us @HelloJess

Level 7

Good news!! 

Level 8

Awesome @HelloJess. Local Guides will be motivated more to review the place they have visited. I am expecting some badhes too. 

Greeting from Nepal

Namaste, Niraj


Level 8

@HelloJess  ... ✋ good news, detailed reviews get 10 points plus another bonus. thank you, this is one way of earning point, master badge and fair enough level in local guide program.

Level 9

Thanks @HelloJess. It's an amazing news. 


Level 10

C'est vraiment du bon ça. Merci pour la nouveauté. 

Level 8

@HelloJess Thanks for the news !! Adding new place points need to increase to double !!! Its my opinion !!!

Happy Guiding !!

Level 8

Really great news !😂😂 thanks @HelloJess & LG team 😍😍

Level 8

Я считаю это правильно, так как фото проще добавить чем отзыв, и вот по этому за отзыв должно быть больше балов. Спасибо @HelloJess

Level 10


спорный момент, так как кометаторов с одним словом "норм" под каждым объектом, тьма. Но и любителей заливать десятки одинаковых фото, не меньше) Баланс лагерей спамеров, пошатнулся.

Level 8

I think it is wonderful. My goal this spring and summer is to get to level 9 and with this new point system...😏 Well! I might just surpass my goals🤩


Thank you @HelloJess

Level 8

to level 9 together @VBenedict :-) 🎉🎉🎉

I'm happy to hear that all the more marriher I say, and it's worth the time and effort now,

For some because of busy schedules or just daily life routines or other words happy happy to hear that I'm going review with more motivation "putting in my 2 cents" will feel more like 10 points-20 points...

Level 8

@DenysManzhos я считаю так, на отзывы поставить ограничение, мин 100 слов, и будет норм, а то получается что фотку добавить, что отзыв написать, а по балам одинаково. Я видел человечка, он вообще практически без отзывов, тупо одни фото и 10 лвл

Level 8

Да и вообще, неправильное начисление балов. Я бы пересмотрел бы.

Really good news :) beside that I'm still waiting for the possibility of adding missed addresses. That'd be really essential feature.

Level 8

That's a deal @OSAMA to Level 9 together 🤩


Thank you for this awesome news!

Level 10

Hi @HelloJess

Good news .

It'll be helpful and a source of motivation for LG to reach the level 10 .

Thanks you and the Google team 

Level 7

Nice info


Thanks for sharing :)

Let me try to upgradeh my level

Level 10

This is interesting and also encouraging. @HelloJess Thank for the good news.


I hope the bar won't be raised higher soon😊


#localguides #letsguide

This is great news @HelloJess. With this I think there will be addition of new level as well. 😃

Level 6

Now there is a benefit to putting in helpful reviews (Long reviews) it should help to know what places are really like.

Hello @HelloJess 

Still I get as old count.Screenshot_20180330-223255.png




Level 10

Great motivative news.