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Translation Feature on Google Maps

  1. I would find it very helpful to have an auto translate feature within the Google Maps menu.


I've been working with Spanish speaking business owners about how to "Claim" their businesses.  As I show them the steps on my phone screen, it would be helpful for me to toggle back and forth between our two languages.


The language barrier seems to keep them from understanding my demo.



Level 8

Often I am talking to Spanish speaking business owners about how to claim their business in google Maps.


I show them what to do on mt screen but they are unable to understand completely.  I suggest that the translation feature be added to the hamburger menu so that when viewing their listing, I can switch back and forth between our two languages.


There are soamy unclaimed businesses.  I believe this traslatrans feature would help many local guifes, help local businesses claim their listing 

Connect Moderator

Hi @SeaGypsySuz thanks for the feedback. However, it will be much better to post it on the Idea Exchange board, since that's the best place to relay your ideas and feedback :)

Level 8

For some reason, I do not have Idea Exchange as an option.  I see it initially but when I try to post my idea there, Idea Exchange is gone from the menu.  Maybe there is something wrong?


Is there a way you could move my idea there for me?

Google Moderator

Hi @SeaGypsySuz


Please note that I'll merge your post to the idea that you have already created.