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Sorting option in REVIEWS

Unlike we already have option in Google Maps to sort our uploaded photos as "Newest" or "Most Viewed". This sorting option should be also made applicable in REVIEWS, which will help us to understand the impact of our reviews. Also the statistics will motivate the LG to do more and more.....  

The sorting option should be like "Newest", "Most Viewed" & "Most Liked".

Level 9

Good idea @Nand_Kishore

It's very useful to view our most viewed reviews in our contribution tab.

Level 10

Namskar... @Nand_Kishore

Good Suggestion..


Level 8

Awesome idea 👍👍 in support of u.. ,✊🏻🤝

Level 10

Yes, dear @Nand_Kishore,

This will be a great help, for sure 


It would be nice idea @Nand_Kishore bro. 

Level 10

 Thank you everyone for liking and upvoting my idea @RupendraNeupane @TravellerG @Akshaykansal @NareshDarji @Shrut19

Connect Moderator

I was about to write this when I saw your post! It would be really cool if this feature got implemented.

Level 10

Thanks dear @ValeriaAumasque for supporting a very useful, proposal.

God wilingly, it will get implemented..


We don’t have those features on our iPhone. 

Level 10

@Nand_Kishore very good idea. Would come in handy.