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Search for multiple hashtags

I think that searching for more than one hashtag a time would be very useful in many situations.


Here are some of the situations in which being able to search for more than one hashtag would be useful:

  • When you are looking for a restaurant that sells more than one specific food. E.g.: #pasta #pizza
  • When you need a place that has options for people with more than one special diet. E.g.: #vegan #gluten-free
  • When you are looking for accesible and/or pet friendly places, but would like to search for another hashtag too. E.g.: #accessible #petfriendly #hotchocolate


The search could be done just by typing the hashtags with a space in the middle, and would only show the places that have all of those hashtags.


This idea is related do the new Hashtags feature, if you want to know more about it you can read @AriMar's post about it clicking here.


Thank you for reading, I hope you find this useful too!


I have already written two other ideas about hashtags, if you're interested in them feel free to click on the links and check them out:

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