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Right Click Option to View Meet Up in New Tab

It will quite useful if we have the right-click option to view the searched meet-up in new tab. Right now we need to click on meet-up and browse back to see the searched meetups.

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Status changed to: Needs information

Thank you for sharing your idea, @MadanKPradhan. We are going to need some further details to make sure we are on the same page. Do you find any other flows when searching meet-ups? If yes you migh be intereseted to discuss in Meetups Near Your

Hi @IrrPavlova,


Just want to point out that it will be easy to browse meetup in new tab with original meetup page intact without browsing back and forth. While right clicking the meetup we should be able to open the meetup in new tab (It may be hyperlink issue) like in LGC Forum we can browse the post in new tab (Ref. Img.)


Screenshot (187).png


Screenshot (188).png





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Status changed to: Voting open

Thank you for clarifying your idea, @MadanKPradhan. It is now open for voting and other Local Guides can show their support.

Thank You @IrrPavlova.

Status changed to: In progress

Hello @MadanKPradhan, thank you for your idea. The team will look into this. 

Thank You @Atsukot.

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Wao... Cool idea. It will be more helpful....


thank you @MadanKPradhan 

Thanks @deepakjhic.