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Retain Location address when moving the map marker

One of my typical edits would be to move the pin's location of a listing to its correct location; in fact it probably comprises almost half of my current total of edits.


Consider this example of The Reject Shop in Chullora, a video illustrates the issue below.

  • The only thing incorrect about this listing is the map marker location (it's within the shopping centre silhouette a bit to the North) so that's the only thing requiring change.
  • The current address is Shop T50, Chullora Marketplace, 335-357 Waterloo Rd, Chullora NSW 2190, Australia
  • After confirming the move address, the address defaults to Greenacre NSW 2190. This loses the current address.

This video below is a recording of the Google Maps app, on an Android phone demonstrating the issue.


There needs to be an option/function to determine whether or not we would need to fix the address, rather than force a generic change and not resorting to copy and pasting the original address to keep it. There have been multiple instances where I have corrected the map marker but unfortunately did not realise that this iteration of Google Maps had cleared the entire address line and these changes were published.

If I want the address to change, then I will fix the address, otherwise please allow the option to leave the original address there if we only need to correct the map marker.

Level 10

Exactly, @Briggs, that is also the reason why I hardly ever correct map markers anymore (I'm mainly into name and catergory edits). This started happening somewhere in summer, when the Android app changed to version 10.


So, ever since that moment, I already copy the address of a POI before going into the map marker edit process. Annoying to say the least.


And another thing which is even more frustrating: sometimes, after having pasted the address again and then upon clicking on the suggested address (which is obviously exactly the same as the pasted text), the 'Send" icon (arrow in top right corner) gets greyed out... making it impossible for me to send the correct map marker without purposely sending an incorrect address (which I then do not do obviously).

Level 10

Yes happens to me. So much for the quality loation information!  It's a real pain and for this reason I avoid updaing the pin locations.  

Level 10

Agree @Briggs It's very irritating.  It is almost not worth trying to change a pin location unless it truly is a change of address. Having to copy and paste the original address is a giant pain in the neck. It should be changed back to the way it was.  

Level 10

You have been listening Google. Silently, but soundly. Looks like the issue has been resolved, and is no longer forcibly changing the address, and thus retains its detailed, most correct address.


You have my gratitude and thanks for being prompt in dealing with this idea.