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Replying to business Review response

I was hoping Google maps implemented the option of being able to reply back to a reply a business gave back to a positive or negative review left.


I know this question and feature has been asked in the past but hopefully many local guides feel this is necessary and will vote for this feature. Its frustrating when the business replies back a false or misleading comment which I have no option of correcting back.



Google Moderator
Status changed to: Needs information

Thank you for sharing your idea, @Tula. We are going to need some more detail to make sure we are on the same page. Could you give some screenshots or examples of such cases?

Level 8

@IrrPavlova attached see a copy of review reply screenshot. The information the management received from its staff is incorrect thus the review I wrote about my horrible experience at the restaurant sounds subjective. There is no option to reply back to the business owner. This is the option I am requesting.

Screenshot_20181207-090630.pngReview reply from Business owner




Google Moderator
Status changed to: Voting open

Thanks for clarifying, @Tula. Your idea is now open for for voting and the community can freely show their support.