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Removing inactive Trusted Photographers from the "for hire" list

Lots of trusted hire listings r not providing photography right now. So pls remove long time inactive listings. Ie,  no street view publishing from long time. I think it's helpful for who searching for trusted photographer. 

Google Moderator

Hello @Santosimon,

Thanks for sharing!

Since your post is more of a suggestion, I've moved it to the Idea Exchange section where other Local Guides can vote and show their support.


Please elaborate more and make your idea as descriptive as possible. 


Is there a certain number of inactive days that should trigger a removal, or how do you see your idea pan out? 

Google Moderator
Status changed to: Needs information
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Yah, removing from listing is better, I just called some of listed phone numbers & asked, average of 8 out of 10 r not providing photography right now. 

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Status changed to: Voting open

Thanks for elaborating @Santosimon, I have just changed the status of your idea to "Voting open", so other Local Guides can show their support.


Please note that I have changed the title of your idea, to make it more clear to other users.