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New section "Introduce Yourself"

Hi my friends!


This is the representation of my idea of the new menu with the new "Introduce Yourself" section inserted.
I think it's very useful for newcomers who actually do not know what section they have to show up and for "old" Connect users who can immediately welcome new friends!

introduce-ys.jpgIntroduce yourself!


Once opened the menu you could access a dedicated page divided between the various months with reported also wanting the total number of newcomers!


Untitled-2.jpgNew "Introduce Yourself" page

It would then save a job to the Moderators or Googlers who have to go looking for presentations around the forum and then group them in a single post that, among other things, is now included in "Local Stories" perhaps not easy to find.


What do you think? It might be useful? 


Thanks for reading, 



Google Moderator
Status changed to: Needs information

Thank you for sharing, @davidhyno. We are going to need some further clarification to make sure we are on the same page. Do you think that when putting "Introduce yourself" as a separate section would make new-comers keep their first introductory posts in the same place? Maybe such a feature would work at its best if instructions about it are added to the introducement video you talk about in How about a nice introductory video when you first log in on Connect?


Feel free to share all your thoughts on this subject.

Level 9

Hi again @IrrPavlova


Yes, we are on the same page! I think that if the new user is instructed with the video and directed to the right place to present himself is useful both to keep the forum clean and find all the presentations in the same place, both to help new users to break the ice: seeing that everyone goes to present themselves in the same place can be useful to get an idea of how to create the presentation post!


Thanks again for your interest!



Google Moderator
Status changed to: Voting open

Thank you for clarifying your idea, @davidhyno. It is now open for voting and other Local Guides can freely show their support.

Level 9

Thanks @IrrPavlova

Have a good day, 


Level 9

Nice idea @davidhyno.

Is this your mail id which is visible in first screenshot? If yes then sharing private info is not permissible on connect. If no then ignore.


Thank you

Level 9

Thanks @deepakjhic ! 

I edited the image! ;)



Connect Moderator

Es una buena sugerencia y esta bien asociada al video introductroio, las dos cosas son complementarias, me gusta mucho la sugerencia.



Level 9

Thanks @FaridMonti

I hope that all these tips that we are giving are really useful (I am not just referring to mine, but to all those of the other LocalGuides!) and that they are also implemented to make Connect more and more easy to use!




Level 8

Great house-keeping idea @davidhyno! I do hope all our ideas will be vetted dispite low votes. 

Level 10

I stongly recommend and welcome this suggestion.

Surely, dear friend, it will be very helpful for the new comers, for sure @davidhyno. I too tried to adrees through a post, [which I knew & happened], has gone off the board. Well to reconfirm, is this (here) is some thing what you are looking at?

Thanks for this initiative