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Modify the denial policy

Good Morning,

I think a big problem that Local Guide has is the way in which it manages the denials of the different contributions. When they accept a modification they send you an instant email, but when a denial is made, nothing is sent. This is a big problem because it frustrates users' attempts to help update the information.
If you send an email indicating why your contribution has not been accepted, we could better understand the direction that Local Guide wants to take, but the policy that is currently being applied will only get people to stop being a Local Guide, as is my case.


Due to this reason, I have chosen to stop being a Local Guide, right now I am deleting all the information that I have contributed and this situation is very sad and very harmful for the Local Guide program ...




It is very harmful because what you are getting is that people stop contributing meaningful content or directly leave the program, as I am doing, and the end result will be that the only people who will contribute content will upload their selfies in different places of the world and I understand that this will be a great loss of quality.



Level 10

I can understand your feelings @jfotero
It is argued as a serious problem in my country. You can imagine how many local guides this current system has disappointed. We want a reason why my contribution was refused. We are always ready to fix. Let's make a distant future that you give up on contribution. Let's give an opinion with us before that.

Level 10

Hello @jfotero
My friend told me that Why the rejection is not notified. I can not announce the detailed reason, but Google Maps is very secure and the reason is that it only accepts confirmation.
But please continue appealing. And I want you to make the maximum modification you can do.


I also have a suggestion to Google. I agree that Google is a strict policy for safety. On the other hand, I would like you to inform the guide carefully that a slightly tough examination is being done in order for the contribution to be approved. In other words, please clearly inform us that there is a high possibility of being refused. The guide will try to make more accurate contributions by knowing its policy.

Even if there is a strict judgment on contribution, please express that you are grateful for the contribution of the Local Guide. The essence of the problem is that many guides think that betrayed from Google. I think that the relationship between Google and all Local Guides needs to be good. I think communication is insufficient each other about this subject.

Level 7

Good Morning @YasumiKikuchi,


Last week "local-guide" asking me for information about the problem, I replied with all the information and I continue without having any answer ...


Today I stopped being a Local Guide.





Google Moderator

Hello @jfotero,


Thank you for reaching out. 


If I understood correctly, your idea is to receive an e-mail with the reason why your modifications are denied the same way like you receive a notification when they are accepted. Could you please confirm this was your idea, so that we are able to look into your suggestion?