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Map for upcoming local meet-ups

When a new meet-up is organized it has to specify the meeting point and the date of the meeting, which means Google Maps has all the data it needs to make this information more easily accessible.

Currently upcoming meetings are being shown chronologically which is not relevant to guides around the world. It may be nice to know that there are lots of meetings happening all the time, but a meeting 2,000 miles from me is not something I can contribute to.


We would need the possibility to search for meetings on a dynamic map: there should be a control to specify how far in time you want to search (0-90 days, or specific date range) and then the user should be able to move the map to find the various upcoming meetings.


That way it would be easy to find what's going on around and to participate in more gatherings.

Level 10

@Eagle-Eye-360, I'm sorry but I followed your link and I do not see anything about a list of meetings on a map.

Please let me know the steps to follow in order to see all the upcoming meetings on a map.