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Local Guides Card

My idea can be strange for some people. But I should write. I propose create Local Guides Card - like Press Card. Sometimes I have a big trouble when I want to take photos or videos for Google Maps. Of course, it depends of countries and cities. But in Ukraine (in Kyiv, capital of my country) I had many situations when it was prohibited to take photos. The store security wanted to call police. I would like to emphasize - it's no tipical situations. Ukrainian laws are very specific. I don't know about situation in others countries. Ukrainian Constitution says: people can collect all information. But law about information says: people can collect just some information. And security can prohibit to take photos and shoot videos.

Of course every time I explain who are Local Guides. I tell about program.

I propose to create Local Guides Card for 8-10 levels.

Why it's closed

Hello @OlehMashkin , Thank you for your idea. This has been suggested before here - Local Guides Card . The topic already has an answer. I will merge your idea there.

Level 9


I know this thing has been discussed many times & always refused due to local guides T&C's 
According to google-rs what I understand is, they don't want us to approach or photograph those places where the owner or managment doesn't allow us to do so.

I had face this same problem atleast in 5 different cities & 3 different countries, so (atleast) a huge thumbs up from me :)

Level 10

@Haseeb I had funny situation when security prohibited to take photos BUT my photo was main in this shop on Google Maps (I took photos early). 

Level 10

Good idea but Googlers have always refused to confirm any official connection with Local guides actions even in such a way. Something like " if you have problems with making photos it is your own problems"

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Status changed to: Closed

Hi @NatalkaR and thanks for your idea. But as we've shared before, we won't be creating this type of identification. As as we always say, we encourage every Local Guide to follow local regulations and business owners' directions when it comes to contribute.

Google should think about giving us special recognition like YouTube do that will encourage lots of new people to join the program and old lg's will feel special so they do better.


Recognition can be given at certain levels but that should be physically.


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Level 10

It will motivate Guides 

Level 8

It is a very Good suggestion.This move will turn the local guide programme to a next level.

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What do you actually want to conway!

Please explain 

Level 10
Yes, its a good suggestion and with this we easy to know more about other local guide.
Level 9

Yes! You right. We must have something like that.