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Improve connect and google map

Make local guide connect just like facebook or google plus with messenger. And in google map it is difficult to understand fly over. please give different color for fly over.

We need more information

Level 7

Ahmer, I too used to face the same situational crisis on a timely basis. Later on I got to know about one of the features of Maps which I overlooked for months. You can change the layout or view that you are currently seeing on screen.

Simply change the map type option on screen.

There are 3 layouts: default, terrain and satellite.

Select the satellite option.

Via maps, visit any fly over, zoom the roads. Done! You are good to go!!!


Keep up the good work.

Google Moderator

Thank you for sharing your idea, @Ahmer. You might want to separate your ideas in different posts. This will make it easier for other Local Guides to relate to your suggestions.

Google Moderator
Status changed to: Needs information