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Improve Accuracy of Google Map Directions

I would like to see Google Maps improve its accuracy in providing directions. I often have to reset the directions in traffic-condensed areas as the directions are somewhat  redundant. It is important for Google Maps to work as a hands-free app, so voice control and voice instructions should be easy to use as well. Pontaic First Aid.jpg

Level 5

I agree with you for many reasons. 

Some directions add 5-10 minutes on my routes because it forcefully wants me to take the freeway when I can easily take the streets in approximately the same time or less. I need to zoom into the map in order to find that other route myself which isn’t safe unless I am parked and, clearly, takes what the app could be assisting me to do in the first place. I find myself being frustrated at times because when I do take the route that is found for me, it takes me alllll the way around rather than giving me a clear and concise route. 

Level 6

This is true. I am often given the directions to take highways and freeways when I can easily take the streets instead. I just found the function where I can avoid freeways, toll roads and ferries. Even with this option, Google Maps could improve the accuracy of its directions by giving precise streets to take instead of relying on freeways. Many of the routes I need to map out involve both freeways and streets and I can't be changing the options while driving as that is not safe.