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Have Most Helpful posts.

When people look at reviews, they don't know if it's very helpful for that place. Google should add Most Helpful posts because others may find the review helpful and say: "Helpful". The more people who say it's helpful  people will see that review first because it helped many people. If it isn't helpful, people won't have to look for helpful ones.

We need more information

Google Moderator

Hi @La_Qui,


Thank you for sharing your idea with us.


From what I understand, you would like to be able to check for the most trustworthy review on Google Maps, correct?


You may proceed as shown: 


  1. Open the adress you would like to check for the reviews.
  2. Click on the reviews - it should be located next to the star rating counter.
  3. After that, you should be able to see the option Sort By - which whould be able to filter reviews.
  4. You may choose the option to show Highest Rating or Most Relevant, which would be rated by the customers who had previously been there and have expressed their opinion.

If you may have any other ideas, you can elaborate further on this post.

Google Moderator
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There are always reviews that do not give enough information that clutter the feed, forcing a person searching reviews to scroll through to find relevent info or to apply filters as suggested.  A simple voting button with "helpful?"-yes/no, would send most voted "helpful" info to the top of the feed, saving time.