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Google Drive Storage Perk

A perk for contributing can be Google Drive Storage. The more you contribute the more storage you can have access to. Also if you store your photos in Drive that you contributed you can gain more Storage. Or gain access to more storage by ranking.

Revisit later

Google Moderator

Hi @Ksnodgrass, thanks for this great idea! We’ve shared it with the team and while we can’t pursue it right now, we may consider it in the future.

Google Moderator
Status changed to: Revisit later
Level 7

Pavlova are you new here? This WAS a perk since about a year ago. If you hit level 4 (there were fewer levels back then, I think 5 or 7?), you got 100GB free for a year. I never understood why they removed it, but they did when they revamped the system and the insane amount of points required to level up.

Level 5

I did not get anything like this, i become Guide just because for storage, but i just wasted my time.. and 1Tb storage for only 1 year? then we have to purchase it.. it is tottaly marketing concept not reward perks.

Google Moderator

Hey @Divyesh92,


I would like to inform you that Google Drive storage promotion has ended a long time ago, since March 2017. Please check this post Drive storage promotion has ended for for further information. 

Level 8

Bs it said I have already used it fbs

Level 5

Agreed. How can i join community? I am in a small city. I am of 3 who correct and too map. I haeyer ever got so mucras a thank you. I don't do it for that. I dodondodont do it for that, i enjoy helping people try new things and show off what we have to see and do here. On a limited budget as we all are, it would help me help the businesses, and people connect at our truly unique places versus McDonald's.

Level 7

I am at level 7 - and am running out of space on my google drive! Wouldn't it be very nice of you people at Google to upgrade the google drives of your more loyal contributors and grant them free storage? I'm sure all guides at Level 7 and above help this project enough and Google can be a bit nice to us - many of us need this storage space if we want to upload videos and pictures. Hey brother guides - help me push those people who work at Google to help us a bit!!!

Google Moderator

Hello @Napplbaum,


Thank you for sharing, but similar idea had been suggested before and I am merging it - Google Drive Storage Perk