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Give Local Guide T-Shirt as perk



It will be really good to atleast provide a local guide T-shirt  (Even purchase is OK) for higher levels (May be from 8) as perk with their present profile logo with the level printed on the same!!



Thanks & Regards,

Fahid K.A.



Revisit later

Hi @Fahid . Thanks for submitting this idea. We know Local Guides love anything with Local Guides on it and while we've been able to offer t-shirt as a perk as well as for sale in the Google Merchandise Store, it's not something we're able to do in the immediate future but hope to be able to do at some point.


Creo que Google podría darnos a nosotros los Local Guides algún objeto/prenda que nos identifique como lo que somos, Local Guides!


Soy Local Guide nivel 8, además soy usuario destacado en sus foros de ayuda, y también fotógrafo de confianza, y sin embargo, no tengo ninguna manera de comprobar que soy parte de éstos programas, me gustaría al menos tener una camiseta, llavero o mínimo una calcomanía que me haga sentirme parte de éstos programas y que las demás personas lo puedan ver.

Level 9

Hola @rolandorivasr y gracias por el aporte. Hay una idea muy similar, así que voy a unirlas.

Level 8

Hello local guides my idea please provide a t-shirt or some perks for above level 7 local guides...

Google Moderator

Hello @NirmalTeja,

Thanks for your suggestion.


In fact we have a similar idea here - Give Local Guide T-Shirt as perk.


I will merge your idea there, to keep consistency.

Level 7

ItsI really a great idea

Level 8


  • Great idea about the shirt. It's a win win for Google, advertising and we pay for the shirt so Google  would make a monetary gain and it would motivate contritubors to add more to their maps contribution page. I think it should start at no lower then level 4 and go up from their, it wouldn't have to be personalised no more then say the level your at, putting personal stats would be to much, but to have 6 different ones for level 4 thru 10 would be great. Not to meantion while people were wearing the shirts  people of all age and gender would ask about the shirt, there for it would make more people want to become contributers once they learn of the benifits Google offers and the benifit of helping ourselves out. Last thing, I would like to see Google have one shirt that was for top contributers, like a special logo or color so they would stand out as a top contributer at meet ups or just in public as you pass by other contributors, just a little motivation to make someone be there best at giving back to Google a little bit of what Google has giving us so generously. Maybe a developer shist too? Thanks for all that y'all do at Google!            Sincerely, a happy  googler🎉.



Level 8

Hi @Fahid i agreee with you. It will be inspire new local guides.

Level 10


Please give us something useful. 

Real quick since I’m waiting to get in the shower until this is written...


I don’t think the majority of people contribute to Google maps, etc. for anything other than because they enjoy it. I mean, I can only speak for myself here but I’m not doing it for the perks and I think by introducing profit sharing or expensive gifts you lose the special aspect of google and risk bringing in scammers and all the other people looking for stuff rather than the fulfillment that comes with throwing some information out there into the universe and seeing what resonates with others. 


Having said that, we all like some exclusivity and Google is doing that with access to this forum, etc. but I’m thinking a t-shirt or car decal or even poster with the guide’s name and their regional area that are exclusive to certain guide levels would be a cool perk to throw in. NOW IVE GOT TO HIT THE SHOWER, guys! 😂 

Level 8

@Fahidi like the idea of a shirt with being a level 8 or higher. It takes a lot of time and effort to get to 8 or above I am not doing this for perks or gifts, but hey, if they want to surprise us with something this would be nice.