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Free Course By Google

There are a lot of courses on ,Coursera, site offered by Google!

I wanted to take some of them that are very interesting and can improve us many all of us!

How to use a computer, and also many others skills.We all, Local Guides need to be more confident with our PC, internet..etc..we all work or need help by using this tools!

By taking this courses we can improve also our English because they are all in English language

And even can help us to find a job, in computer science, Assistance..etc.

But they have a price that not many of us could afford.

Could we have the opportunity, WE..Local Guides to acces at least to one of this courses in order to get a diploma?

I think it will a beautiful peark for all of us that contribute constantly on Google Maps

I saw that financial aid is avaliable but not in all the countries!


Google IT Support Professional Certificate

About this Professional Certificate

This five-course certificate, developed by Google, includes innovative curriculum designed to prepare you for an entry-level role in IT support. A job in IT can mean in-person or remote help desk work in a small business or at a global company like Google. If you’ve been tinkering with IT or are new to the field, you’re at the right place. The program is part of Grow with Google, a Google initiative to help create economic opportunities for all Americans. Check out this video to learn more.

Technical Support Fundamentals
Technical Support Fundamentals
Level 7

Very good idea sir @GINOIMBIANCHINO I agree with you.

Level 8

Great idea! We would like English courses! :)