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Dashboard for progress and view count tracking

With a majority of local guides actively making contributions on a frequent basis, it will be hugely beneficial to the users if there is a dashboard implemented for us to track our progresses.  An interface showing daily view counts for our reviews and photos uploaded will encourage Local Guides to produce better content for the platform.  


Currently our only method to measure progress is by manually tracking the view count on a daily basis.  This suggested feature will supplement a huge feature gap for Google Local Guides.


Level 7

It would be easier to have all in one place both the DASHBOARD of the contributions and the localguideconnect platform in one place.

And not like now that I have an account as a contributor on one side and the same account on localguideconnect. Being able to have these functions together could help the local guides to be more efficient. Thank you 😘
Google Moderator



Thanks for sharing your idea with us.


Currently, there is another post with a similar concept, Dashboard for progress and view count tracking, as follow up to that, I have moved the post there for more convenience.