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Add reviews of products not just places

I get great value out of Google reviews of places.  I would see Google reviews of products.  E.g. appliances, vehicles, electronics, etc.  It would help me make buying decisions!

Level 7

This would help others determine what products they purchase.  Not just places they visit!  It would be a huge win!

Product details and in store location data must be captured in order for one day to Google search for a local product recommended by the user. Say flaming hot Cheetos into Google assistant and Bam finds the closest store with product and even tells you where to go in the store. It's the way of the future. Get this approved already

hsc Level 7
Level 7

Restaurant menus could be one example.  Then Google map could allow one to upload pictures for differet menus separately and review them each, like Yelp does.